How to Stay Happy when You’re Single


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Spring is a happy season. There’s a little more sunshine, a little less darkness and the flowers are on their way out. In fact, March 20th was even declared International Happiness Day (did you feel it?).

But despite spring springing all around us, it’s not always easy to keep a smile on your face when you’re single. Whether you’re worried about finding The One or just fed up of everyone asking if you’re still single, we’ve put together a list of ways to stay happy when you’re flying solo.

Remember What’s Real

First thing to do is to remember that books, movies and TV shows – they’re all fiction. That means that dashes to airports or physically bumping into a supermodel at the supermarket is unlikely to happen in real life – for one, can you imagine trying to find someone in the chaos of Heathrow? Quite often romances are written by people, just like you, fantasising about what the perfect man would say, or how the perfect woman would look.

Do You

Being single is the one time you can really do whatever you want. And we mean whatever. If you want to spend the weekend on the sofa watching a box set or spend five hours in the bath, you can. You won’t be single forever and it all changes when you’re in a relationship – although you’ll be happy to make the compromise, you’ll be even happier to know you took advantage of your own time when you could.

Be Serious About It

Be happy! Yes, it’s a classic example of easier said than done, but it is important to take your happiness into your own hands. We often forget it’s something we have power over, but we really do. A good place to start is by asking yourself what you would need to be happy – teleportation, EuroMillions and Brad Pitt not included. Often once you’ve identified which areas need focusing on, there’s some quick things you can do to make an instant improvement.

Take Positive Steps

Finding someone special can feel like an impossible task. And without trawling the bar scene, flirting with all of your colleagues or sticking an ‘I’m single’ badge on yourself, there aren’t many ways to get active about looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s the best thing about internet dating, it’s a discreet and seriously effective way to find someone new. Even better, everyone is doing it, so you’ll have plenty of choice and none of the taboo – in fact, you’ll be one of 15 million in the UK looking for love online.

And Smile 

It sounds pretty crazy, but it’s the fastest way to make yourself feel better. Plaster a smile on your face and before long you’ll forget it was forced. Plus, it’s proven, there’s nothing more attractive than a big smile.

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