How to survive being single in wedding season


Being single in wedding season

Being single when you’re surrounded by loved-up couples in wedding season can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out our top tips for surviving the season in style

1. Don’t feel obligated

Some weddings are unavoidable. Maybe it’s your sister or best friend’s big day and you know that your relationship would be irrevocably damaged if you didn’t attend. But there are other weddings that don’t carry the same weight. We’ve all been invited to the wedding of an old school friend you haven’t spoken to in years or a distant cousin – don’t feel obligated to go. Turning down an invitation to wedding that you don’t have an emotional connection to (and won’t enjoy) will leave you with more energy when it comes to attending the weddings that really do matter.

2. Have a tantrum

Being single in wedding season can feel terrible. It’s hard not to feel acutely alone when you’re surrounded by happy couples. Acknowledge that pain. Let yourself feel sad and don’t feel ashamed if your first reaction to a friend’s engagement isn’t pure joy. Allow yourself time to let loose and act completely immaturely about the whole situation. Spend an evening eating ice cream in your PJs while watching bad rom coms. Have a good cry. Repressing your feelings and acting like everything is okay will only make you feel worse – and your newly-engaged friends will notice.

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3. Treat yourself

Let’s face it; wedding season is expensive. There’s the hotels, transport, new outfits, gifts – it all adds up. So, why not treat yourself too? Sometimes a spot of retail therapy can provide that all-important pick-me-up that gets you through the wedding. Maybe that new pair of shoes will help you stand tall in the photographs or that designer lipstick will make it easier to smile through the speeches. Think of it as your reward for getting through wedding season single.

4. Organise your own celebration

Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate. If you feel like most of parties are just for the couples in your life – engagement parties, hen and stag dos, weddings – even things up by throwing a bash just for you. Gather your friends and go away for the weekend or plan a fun evening out, just for the sake of it. Dress up, take lots of photos, and enjoy being the centre of attention without apology. It’s guaranteed to make you much more forgiving when it’s other peoples’ turn in the spotlight.

5. Make the most of the dance floor

Going to weddings when you’re single can feel like a chore, but don’t forget that the day is designed to be fun, for all the guests! Treat it as you would any party. Enjoy the food, treat yourself to an extra slice of cake, and hit the dance floor – any good wedding DJ will know to keep the soundtrack up tempo if they want to get everyone on their feet. Sitting in the corner nursing a glass of wine will only make you feel worse; you’re there after all, you may as well try to enjoy it.

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6. Don’t idealise

It’s easy to watch a couple get married and start thinking about all the things you’re missing out on being single. They look so happy and so in love. In the speeches, they’ll talk about being there for one another and the moment they knew they were with ‘the one’. It’s enough to make even the most secure single person feel fed up with their lot. But try to remember that this is just a one-day snapshot of their relationship. There will be days when they argue. Days when they wish they could be single again, free and open to new possibilities. Never forget that being in a relationship has its ups and downs, just like being single.

7. Remember that weddings are a great place to meet someone

Weddings really are great places to meet people. Everyone has love on the brain, there will almost inevitably be a singles table filled with eligible prospects, and you have access to one of the easiest opening lines, ‘So, how do you know the couple?’ There’s no better opportunity to meet new people and spend quality time getting to know – you know that you’ll all be sharing the same space for at least four or five hours. You never know, you could end up finding lasting love – and you don’t even need to catch the bouquet!

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