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Survive the single life - Dr Karin Anderson Abrell

Being single isn’t always easy. It’s hard to stay happy and hopeful when your dating life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But don’t despair; Dr Karin Anderson Abrell shares her top tips to help you survive the single life

Dating can be hard. So hard, in fact, that 1 in 8 singles has given up on love altogether.

But, no matter how hard it gets, never feel that you should settle. Just ask Dr Karin Anderson Abrell.

A psychotherapist and academic, Dr Karin didn’t meet her match until age 40. During her single years, she found herself frustrated by self-help books that seemed to tell singles that they were doing everything wrong. Instead, she firmly believes that by staying true to yourself, making the most of the single life, and holding out for that special someone is exactly what you should be doing.

Her experiences and professional expertise led her to write the book she wanted to read as a single woman. Single Is The New Black: Don’t Wear White ‘Til It’s Right sets out to dispel myths and put an end to single shaming, once for all! Her message is centred on helping you stay happy, hopeful and positive – not only to improve your dating life, but to improve your single life too!

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dr Karin during a flying visit to the UK and asked her to share a few of the most important lessons from her book with us. From embracing the single life and filling your time with new and exciting experiences to taking pride in being picky, her wise words are sure to both inspire and encourage you.

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