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How to avoid an awkward silence

The main reason people get nervous about dates is the fear of silence, of not knowing what to say, or the other person sitting there looking bored and uninterested. Here are some tips to put up your sleeve so you can avoid those awkward moments! The key to a date that leaves you feeling warm […]

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How to let a match down gently

If you’re too afraid to turn someone down you may be too afraid to meet matches who are anything less than perfect. Finding the right words can be hard to do, so here are some tips to help There are many different stages during the dating process where you might realise that the person you’ve […]


What to do after a bad date

 A bad date can be disheartening for anyone but what you do in the hours after could make all the difference to your long-term dating success.  Perhaps there’s no such thing as a bad date (they’re all learning opportunities) but it takes someone of enormous self confidence to not be even a little downhearted when […]

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