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Let’s go outside: why first dates outside work so well

Why not shake up your first date and head outside? Having a great date is easier when you’re doing something you enjoy, says Charly Lester One of the first blind dates I ever went on was to a zoo. It turned out to be a great choice of date; as we walked past the meerkats […]

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10 First Date Questions You (Probably) Haven’t Thought Of

One of the great things about internet dating is that it gives you the chance to go into your first date armed with more than a face and a name. Unfortunately that probably means that you’ve already covered the obvious questions


Top TV Comics Help You to Break The Ice!

Their picture catches your eye. You click through to their profile and everything checks out. Maybe you start planning your future dates with them. Maybe you can imagine the two of you happily cuddling up on the sofa to watch a movie on a Sunday evening. Okay, maybe not that far

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How to avoid an awkward silence

The main reason people get nervous about dates is the fear of silence, of not knowing what to say, or the other person sitting there looking bored and uninterested. Here are some tips to put up your sleeve so you can avoid those awkward moments! The key to a date that leaves you feeling warm […]

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