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Learn about love from dogs

15 things dogs can teach you about love

Did you know that man’s best friend can also help you find love? Here are 15 reasons why dogs can help you get a great date 

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Not an animal lover? How to date someone with pets

Our latest study into what interests make you more attractive to the opposite sex found that women find men who have pets irresistible – but the opposite is true for men. We asked our friends at Animal Friends Insurance for some tips on how to date a pet-lover. It has finally happened. You have met the […]

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The eHarmony guide to dating a cat lover!

They’re cute, they’re playful, they’re loveable – but what about their cat? Cats are the notorious best friend of singles, so chances are you’re bound to come across a few cat lovers during your time on the dating scene. The ancient Egyptians loved them, and modern day Brits do too, with around 8.5 million pet […]

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