Quiz: Which James Bond is your compatible match?


Which Bond is your eHarmony compatible match

Are you better suited to Daniel Crag’s rough-and-ready 007 agent? Or is suave and sophisticated Sean Connery’s Bond a better match for you romantically?

In honour of the release of the new Bond Movie Spectre, eHarmony.co.uk’s relationship experts have uncovered the best female match for Bond from the film series to date. Using the same rigorous methods – including some serious data crunching by the eHarmony data scientists and personality analysis from Bond expert Brian Pendreigh – we have put together a short quiz to let you find out who your most compatible Bond would be for a long-lasting relationship.

Warning: These are fictional characters so don’t expect a date at the end! To find compatible (non-fictional) singles in your area why not register for free on eHarmony.co.uk.

More interested in Bond’s love interests? Take the quiz to see which Bond girl you are most compatible with.

Finding someone you click with can be tough, even for the likes of James Bond. That’s why eHarmony uses 29 dimensions of compatibility to partner people on the stuff that counts, like your personality traits and values.

So, whether you’re an accountant or an international spy, we’ll find the right match for you.

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