10 things we’ve learned about love in 10 years


Did you know that eharmony has been in the UK for 10 years this year? We’re celebrating by looking back at 10 things we’ve learned about love in the past decade

1. On average, it takes couples 16 weeks to say I love you for the first time

While the national average is four months, Welsh couples typically take just nine weeks to say those three words and Londoners wait six months to drop the ‘L bomb’.

2. Singles typically exchange messages for 15 days before arranging a date

In contrast, singles that meet through friends take nine days and those that connect on a night out wait just six days before meeting up again.

3. 22% of people have gone on a date with someone because they’ve liked their accent

The most popular celebrity accents belong to Geordies Ant and Dec and John Bishop, Bolton’s Peter Kay, and Scottish David Tennant.

4. 69% of people are in serious relationship with someone who’s not their ‘type’

And 9 million singles are actively chasing the wrong type! Common deal breakers include height, age, and even hair colour!

5. The average Brit is willing to travel the distance between London and Edinburgh for love

Although men are willing to travel 22 miles further than women. Single residents of Bushey, Hertfordshire and the least willing to pursue long-distance love.

6. 1 in 8 UK adults has given up on finding love

Of these, 46% feel like there isn’t anybody out there for them, 45% aren’t meeting anyone new in their social circles, and 41% just don’t feel like they’re very attractive to the opposite sex.

7. 64% of people say lack of chemistry is the biggest cause of a bad date

Other first date turnoffs include a personality mismatch, rudeness, getting too drunk, and continually talking about an ex.

8. Exercise is one of the most attractive interests – for both men and women

Men find women that love football the most appealing, closely followed by swimming and military-style boot camps. In contrast, women deem rugby, tennis and football the most attractive workout men can do.

9. 24% of singles start dating again less than a month after a relationship ends

But 12% of those regret their decision, often wishing they had waited longer before beginning a new romance.

10. Men feel more pressured than women to settle down

71% of single men, compared to 58% of women, feel pressured to start a relationship and settle down although 41% of singles agree that being on your own is better than being in a bad relationship.

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