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It’s not easy to write about yourself because it’s often difficult to identify what it is that’s unique or great about you. You may be able to see other people’s assets and what makes them worth getting to know, but when it comes to looking at yourself, perception is often clouded by self-criticism and judgement.

The key to writing a good profile is to make it interesting and engaging. Like a shop window, your profile is meant to entice people in and leave them wanting to know more about you. The way to do that is to make your profile unique and avoid these common mistakes.

1.      Saying internet dating is for losers

If you open your profile with a comment like ‘I can’t believe it’s come to this’ you’ll give the impression that you think internet dating is for losers. Not only will this imply that you think it’s tragic that you’ve had to stoop so low, but you’ll also be suggesting that you think the person who’s reading your profile is a loser too. You are trying to attract people, not insult them.

2.      Not saying anything that stands out from the crowd

While there are some things that we all have in common, your profile isn’t the place to share your love of watching TV or to state that you can’t live without ‘your friends’! While you may be trying appeal to as many people as possible, you’ll simply get lost in the hundreds of other profiles that are all pretty much the same.

A common mistake is that people describe what they do rather than who they are. They speak of their interests as though they reveal their inner values. While it’s great to meet someone who shares the same interests as you, that’s not how people fall in love. Instead, think about how you embody a particular characteristic or how your values dictate your life. What are you passionate about? If all the basics such as food, air, shelter, friends, and water were given, what could you really not live without and why?

3.      Using bad spelling, punctuation and grammar

With spelling and grammar checks built into most computers there’s no excuse for such mistakes. Any errors can indicate a lack of commitment to the process and some people may also think it’s a sign of low intelligence or lack of education. This is the first impression you’re going to give someone, so take your time to make sure it’s a good one. If you can’t use a spell check on the website, instead copy and paste what you’ve written into a word document and check it there before you submit.

4.      The camera never lies

It’s important to choose a recent photo for your profile that truly reflects your current self. Post as many photographs as possible showing you in different locations, with a mixture of profile, full length and action shots. Remember your primary photo should be a head shot of you smiling and looking at the camera. Avoid taking this photograph yourself as the ones with someone holding a camera at arms length are rarely flattering. Seek the help of a friend and invest a little time and effort into getting this part of your profile spot on.

5.      Pessimism or sarcasm

Avoid putting anything in your profile that could sound pessimistic about relationships or dating. Saying you want to meet someone who isn’t a game player or cheat suggests that you have come across many that are. Try to focus more on what you do want rather than what you want to avoid. Be optimistic and dare to dream – positive energy usually attracts others with the same outlook. If you go into the process expecting the worst, that’s probably what you’ll get.

Humour can often be misunderstood when it’s written down and read by someone who doesn’t know you. Something that sounds funny in your head may be read as sarcasm and without the right context, this can be off-putting. Keep content light but save wit and banter until you’re communicating directly with someone.

The most important thing about your profile is that it should reflect who you really are today. Keep it honest and allow those bits that make you a unique, interesting person really shine through.

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