5 tips for getting past the icebreaker stage on eharmony



Icebreakers are an easy way to find out whether you and your match are interested in each other. You’ll be pleased to find that the other person liked your profile too, but what comes next? 

Make the first move

Initiating communication with a match can be tricky to do. You’re interested in finding out more about the other person, but you’re assuming that if they wanted to talk to you, they’d make the first move. In this circumstance, it’s always important to be proactive. It’s likely that your match is thinking the exact same thing! Try sending some guided questions or drop them a short message. The worst that can happen is that your match won’t respond and you can then focus your efforts on others.

Meet compatible matches

Try Guided Communication

Guided Communication is a painless way to get past the icebreaker stage, especially if you find yourself staring at your screen, agonising over what to actually say in an email. You can easily select a number of multiple-choice questions for your match, which takes the pressure off them too. With Guided Communication you’re in control. You can choose to skip to questions that allow open-ended answers or even to open messaging. It’s a simple way to get to know your match on a deeper level.

Lost for words

When forming your own messages it can be difficult to know what to talk about, or even how to open your first communication. Most importantly, remember that you’re not expected to write a huge essay to your match. Short messages of just a few sentences and questions are enough to keep them intrigued. Your match will more than likely be relieved that they’re not expected to write reams and reams back.

If you’re really stuck try opening by asking them a couple of questions about the most interesting aspects of their profile. They’ll be flattered that you’ve paid them so much attention and will be keen to tell you more about themselves.

Perfect your profile

After the icebreaker stage you should be reassured that your match is potentially interested in finding out more about you. It’s likely that they’ll be back to take another look at your profile in the near future, especially if you’ve started communicating. Put your best foot forward by keeping your profile fresh and up-to-date. If you haven’t updated your profile for a while, go back and see where you could make improvements. Have a look at these profile tips or maybe upload some recent photographs of you doing something you love.

Meet compatible matches

Manage your expectations

When you’ve read your match’s profile and sent each other icebreakers you’ll naturally feel excited to take the next step, but try not to expect too much from your early communications. The aim of talking online is to find out if you’re interested in meeting for a first date, not to get drawn into months of online messaging. Keep this goal in mind, decide whether you want to meet and if not, invest your time in your other matches.

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