eharmony Love Stories: Ash and Letty


Ash and Letty

Ash and Letty met on eharmony in 2012 and married in September 2017. Here they talk us through their love story

Letty’s story

‘I’d been single for two years before joining eharmony. I found it difficult to meet people offline; I was always busy at work. When I did go out I wanted to catch up with my friends, not meet new people. eharmony seemed like the perfect choice for me. The fact that you have to pay means that eharmony members are serious about finding a meaningful relationship. I also liked the idea of being matched to someone compatible with me.

Ash’s profile stood out immediately – we shared a lot of the same interests and I felt our connection was instantaneous. We started speaking at the end of December and our first date was at the end of January.

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I wasn’t expecting Ash to propose. We’d spoken about marriage, but I wasn’t sure he was ready. It happened on holiday in Santorini. On our last day, Ash asked if I wanted to go for one last swim in the sea. We headed into the water, him following me, and he started telling me how much he loves me – he tells me that every day, so I didn’t suspect anything at that point. I turned around laughing at him being so soppy and I saw him holding a ring. He asked me to marry him and everything after that is a blur!

While we have completely opposite personalities, I think our relationship works because we share the same values and dreams. We complement each other and bring out the best in each other.’

Ash’s story

‘Letty and I had been talking online for a few weeks before deciding to go on our first date. We kept it quite casual and headed to a local pub – and we ended up staying so long they had to kick us out! The next day we met again to go dog walking and were caught in a massive hailstone storm. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

After that things moved quickly. We talked all the time, met each other’s friends and families a month later, and moved in together that spring.

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We got married at the Bristol Planetarium. We wanted an unusual venue as we’re not a very traditional couple. Our guests could look at the night sky before Letty walked down the aisle and after we exchanged vows, we all watched a show about space. The only thing that went slightly wrong was that the registrar couldn’t pronounce Letty’s name right. She tried a few variations, all wrong. She then asked me if I would take Arlety Jolandy Andreski to be my wife! I confidently replied, I take Arleta Jolanta Andreasik. The woman burned with embarrassment and I know Letty and her Polish family were proud of me.

Our honeymoon was in Thailand and we’re hoping to go to Greece, New Zealand and Chicago soon. I’m excited to see where life takes us. Hopefully we’ll find a home, start a family, and continue travelling, but plans change, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s written in the stars for us!’

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