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Hi my name is Fran and I write on all things lifestyle, love and relationships for eHarmony. What gives me my inspiration? Apart from my professional qualifications (see below) – not bad considering I left school at 16 with no O-levels– I have had a full and interesting life with many personal obstacles to overcome which have all given me first hand experience of the issues I write about. I always think it is better to take advice from someone who has had experience rather than just read a book, or got a qualification, on a subject. I do read, and very widely, because of course I haven’t experienced every situation I am commissioned to write about, but many I have. Here are just a few of the relevant facts about my history:

– I was the 7th child of parents who had split up;

– I had a baby when I was just 18 and became a single parent myself;

– I met a new partner and married at 21 and had 2 further children – my kids are now 26, 21 and 15 and I have three young grandchildren;

– I went to college and did an access course and then a degree when I had small children at home;

– I separated and consequently divorced my husband when I was 30 and was then single for ten years;

– I joined a number of different dating sites, both free and paid, and went on many dates;

– I realised that it was my own lack of self acceptance that was keeping me single;

My aim in my work is to help people overcome personal difficulties that are stopping them from living the life they want. When someone joins eHarmony it is because they want a future that is different from their past. I believe that change is possible but as the saying goes ‘you have to go within or you will go without’- often the challenge isn’t just finding the perfect match but about overcoming fears and insecurities, to make yourself ready to receive the love that is waiting for you, my job is to help you do that.

Professional qualifications:

– MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development from Sussex

– BA in Education from York

– 2 years training with Relate in couples counselling

– Certificates in counselling skills and communication

– 3 years working in mental health centre

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