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cover photos

Cover photos are the very first impression you make on your matches, and therefore the most important image you upload to your profile. Here are some rules you should follow when choosing the perfect cover picture


Make sure you’re in the photo

It might sound obvious, but most importantly, you need to make sure that your cover photo includes you! You should be looking at the camera, relaxed and smiling. Good light helps to make a decent photo too, so make sure you’re not squinting into the sun, or in a dark room.

You might want to get a friend to take the photo; you’ll always look more relaxed than if you’re struggling to hold the camera, or trying to balance it on a table.

Use recent photos

You wouldn’t want your matches to upload cover photos that were actually taken back in 1995, so make sure you don’t either! You may not look as you did back then, but be honest about who you are now – the person your matches are interested in. Remember, there’s always a chance that you’ll be meeting face-to-face, so you should always be truthful.

Also refrain from digitally editing photos of yourself – you might want to look a few pounds lighter, but shrinking yourself in a photo is just deceitful!

Show your true colours

The great thing about cover photos is that there’s a lot of opportunity to show yourself in your favourite place, or doing an activity you love. If you enjoy walks in the park, a photo taken in that location is perfect. Not only will your matches be able to tell that you love nature, but being in the outdoors can make you look more relaxed. Natural light is a plus too.


Post pictures of you and your ex

As a general rule, avoid these photos. You might love a photograph of yourself with an ex, but it can be awkward if you’ve posted a photo of someone you used to be in a relationship with as your cover photo. Your matches might wonder if you’ve really moved on from your ex and whether you’re ready to date again.

Try not to upload a cover photo where you’ve cropped the other person out of the photo either. It’ll be obvious and your match may start wondering more about your ex, as opposed to focusing on finding out more about you.

Post unclear photos

Your matches are there to find out what you look like, so there’s no point in posting a photo of yourself stood at the back of a huge group of friends, or with your back to the camera in a family shot. Your matches won’t get a great first impression. Show your surroundings, but always make sure you’re the main focus of your cover photo.

Forget to include captions

Captions are really useful for letting your matches know more about your cover photo, whether you’re at home in the garden or on your most recent holiday. Instead of just saying, ‘Here I am in my favourite place,’ make sure you say where that place is, or how often you visit.

Finally, make sure you upload a high-quality photograph, which can be taken with any digital camera or phone. The minimum size required is 200 x 200 px, but upload larger photos for large, rich cover photos.

Below is another example of a good cover shot:

Male cover photos

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