eHarmony Challenge #2: Complete your profile


A little while ago we set you our first eHarmony challenge – to upload 12 photos. We thought it was time for another challenge, so this month we want you to complete your profile, in full.

We know that writing an online dating profile can be hard; it’s difficult to write about yourself because it’s something you’re not used to doing – who is? But, and we can’t stress this enough, it’s essential you fill out your profile. When someone sees an empty profile, they come away with one or all of these impressions: this person is lazy, this person is boring, this person is arrogant, this person just doesn’t care.

And we’re sure you don’t want your matches to think that.

To help you along, here are our top five tips for filling out your profile

1. Don’t rush it. Start it on an evening when you’ve got lots of time on your hands, and when you’re in a positive mood. The last thing you want is your bad mood, caused by your rubbish day at work, to come across in your profile.

2. Tackle each bit separately. Try not to look at your profile as one large piece of white space. Instead, take each question bit by bit. We even have articles to help you tackle specific profile questions!

3. Get another pair of eyes. You might feel a bit weird about having a friend look at your dating profile, but trust us, it’s worth its weight in gold. Friends often have great insight into the things that make you interesting and unique.

4. Walk away from it. If you’re really stuck for words on one bit of your profile, just leave it for a day or two. When you come back, we bet you’ll have something to say.

5. Get some advice. If you’re really stuck, head over to our Using eHarmony section on here. There are loads of tips for filling out your profile. You can even submit your profile for review by our community.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get that profile filled out!

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