eHarmony Icebreakers – what do you think?


Icebreakers are a simple way any eHarmony user can use to communicate with their matches, for free. But, we want to know what you think of them. How do you use them? What do you think of the Icebreakers themselves? Would you like to see different Icebreakers all together? Or, do you just not bother with them at all?

To jog your memory, the Icebreakers are:

Your profile brought a smile to my face!
Your profile got my attention…let’s chat!
You seem interesting. Why don’t you finish your About Me questions?
I’d love to chat!
Love your smile!
It seems we live close to each other, let’s talk!
Just wanted to say ‘Hi!’

We’d love to know your thoughts – join in the discussion below.

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