The 10 worst profile photos you can post


You might have written the perfect online dating profile but there are some photos that could completely ruin your chances with your matches. Check out our list of the 10 worst profile photos that you can post

1. The Cut-Out

Even if you think that old photo of you and your ex is the best photo of you ever taken, resist the temptation to upload it. Whether you try to crop the other person out or even Photoshop them out, it’ll be obvious, and the only thing your match will think is ‘I wonder what his/her ex looked like?’

The Glamour Shoot Photo

2. The Glamour Shoot

It might be really tempting to upload your photos from one of those professional photo shoots people often give as gifts. But, many online daters are wise to this kind of thing, knowing that the person looking at them beguilingly from the camera will bear little resemblance to the one who turns up on an actual date.

Which one's which

3. The ‘Which One’s Which?’

Your profile photos should always include you, and at least 50% of them should be you only, to give your matches the chance to focus on you. Including friends and family is fine, but just make sure you label each photo VERY clearly, explaining who is who. This is especially important if you don’t want nieces and nephews to be mistaken for your own kids!

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4. The Selfie

Sometimes it’s tempting to try and take a photo of yourself, and the simplest way to do this is at arm’s length, from above. Beware though; this is what we call the ‘MySpace shot’. It may make you look slimmer but it can also make you look like a moody teenager.


5. The Retro

You might think that a photo of you from when you were younger will get your matches’ interest, but it’s a false economy. If things go well, when they finally meet you they really won’t appreciate your dishonesty. Love who you are now – don’t live in the past!

Far away

6. The far, far away

Maybe you’re standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon or skiing down in the Alps, but the fact is that your matches want to see photos of YOU, not of a beautiful vista.

The Party Photo

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7. The Party

Simple rule, never post a photo of a night out you can’t remember. You might think you’re showing your matches you know how to have a good time, but in fact you’re showing them how sweaty you can be after too many tequila shots.

Webcam photo

8. The Webcam

This no-no is the close cousin of the selfie. Using your webcam is a quick and simple way to get a photo of yourself online. But, the photos will undoubtedly be grainy, badly lit and scream ‘I couldn’t be bothered to find a better photo’.

Random photo

9. The Random

You’d be amazed at the photos our Customer Care team have to reject. If you must include a completely random photo in your album that isn’t of you, or your friends or family, make sure you have a really good reason for including it. Otherwise, you might just end up looking a bit odd!

Samey photos

10. The Samey Shots

Sometimes, when you hit upon a pose that makes you look good in photos, the temptation is to stick with it for every photo taken of yourself. In turn, this can lead to 12 profile photos all looking exactly the same, making you look like a dull poser. Mix it up, and remember to get a friend’s opinion on which photos of you look good – you might be surprised!

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