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Martin and Morwenna

Martin and Morwenna met on eharmony in August 2009, married in September 2010, and now have two children together. Here they talk us through their love story

Martin’s story

‘I’d been single for three months when I decided to give eharmony a try. I had just completed a course with The Landmark Forum that had helped take away some of the fear I had around women and dating in general. Although online dating was new to me, I was keen to get out there and find the perfect person for me.

I’m a programmer so I was immediately intrigued by eharmony’s matching algorithm. I also liked that the big questions, such as whether your match wanted marriage and children, were answered early in the process. It seemed like a very efficient way of getting in contact with many potential matches.

I liked Morwenna’s profile straightaway. She seemed warm and honest in what she’d written. We both felt an instant connection. We’d rush home from work to see if the other had replied to our emails and questions. It felt like we had a lot in common.

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We had our first date at Dunster Castle. We were only planning to meet for an afternoon drink but neither of us wanted it to end and the date ended up lasting six hours!

After that, we talked every day. I went to a family christening with Morwenna’s family quite early on and she met my friends and family after about six weeks.

The proposal

I proposed on our first trip abroad in Paris. We’d discussed marriage and knew it was something we both wanted. Unfortunately, I’d never been to Paris so had no idea where to do it! I wanted it to be somewhere quiet and romantic, so when we got to the last day of our trip, I suggested going to a park on the outskirts of Paris. It was raining at first and we headed to a café – I started to worry my plan would fail – but when we went back later that day, the weather was better, and we headed to a little folly looking down on to a lake.

The setting wasn’t ideal; we passed a mumbling drunk, and a bunch of teenagers were smoking and drinking in the folly when we arrived, but we stopped at the railings and looked down at the lake. In the distance, we saw a wedding ceremony taking place on the banks. I took that as a sign and got down on one knee!

Now, we have two children – Lottie was born in January 2013 and Stanley in May 2015. We went on a four-week trip around New Zealand before trying for children. On a beach in the South Island, we found four little pebbles to represent our future family; a daddy pebble, a mummy pebble, and two little baby pebbles. Those pebbles are now pride of place on our mantelpiece. I suggested the name Lottie and Stanley is a family name – their middle names are family names from Morwenna’s side. ‘

Morwenna’s story

‘I’d been single for about 18 months and I knew I wouldn’t find the person I wanted to marry in a pub or through mutual friends as they were all settled into long-term relationships. I decided to try eharmony as I liked the way they match you on your core values – it seemed more in-depth than other sites. I also found that filling out the Relationship Questionnaire really helped me think about what I wanted in a relationship, rather than just what I could offer.

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Martin’s profile stood out and seemed honest and genuine; I liked the way he wrote and the things he said he was interested in. We exchanged emails at first, spoke on the phone after about a week, and arranged a date for a few days later. The whole process felt like we were getting to know each other in reverse. We found out how one another felt about big life questions before exploring what we had in common, before finally meeting in person to see if there was a spark.

After our first date, things moved quickly. Martin would come up to Bristol from Tiverton at the weekends. But, because he worked from home, it was easy for him to stay longer into the week too, so we could spend more time together. In the end, it made sense for him to just move in.

The wedding day

We married in my old school, a large, beautiful building that held a lot of happy memories for me. The ceremony detailed our story from before we met to how we got to know each other, since much of the congregation were unaware of what had happened. Afterwards, people who’d been to the wedding told us how inspired they felt to find their own perfect partners. Some people even ended unhealthy long-term relationships to find them!

I think our relationship works because we’re honest with each other above all else. We bring out the best in each other and inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves. I think we’re very compatible and we share similar interests. Martin’s a very calming presence for me and I’m a supportive and proactive presence for him. We also have a similar sense of humour.

In five years’ time, we hope to still be a strong family unit and spend many days together, having fun with the kids!’

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