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Rachael Lloyd

Rachael Lloyd is an expert in all things eharmony. As Senior PR and Communications Manager, she is able to combine compelling dating industry insights with her own life experiences. Here she shares the lessons she’s learned about love

Rachael Lloyd is a journalist and communications specialist who, since joining eharmony, has turned her focus to writing about the psychology underpinning contemporary dating and relationships. With her keen interest in what makes people tick, she candidly combines new and compelling dating industry insights with her own life experiences.

Rachael Lloyd’s lessons in love

‘Love is a complex and mysterious thing. It can be joyful and empowering, but when it comes undone it can shatter even the most resilient heart.

In truth, my own love life has been far from seamless, and if I could I’d write my younger self a ‘make it easier’ strategy, I wouldn’t hesitate. Here’s what I’d share:

  1. Emotionally unavailable people are just that…emotionally unavailable. You know the type, passionate then indifferent; peppering you with just enough intrigue to stay on board while draining your self-esteem and sanity. Move on, you deserve better.
  2. Friends are the new family. Build up a resilient tribe of people you can trust, who mirror your qualities back at you. This will not only add meaning to your life but help you through the highs and lows of romantic roulette.
  3. Modern dating promises love with just a few well-placed swipes. But if you want to find someone special, it’s worth investing in a reputable online dating platform. You’re more likely to meet other singles who are genuine – and less likely to get messaged by a series of human torsos.
  4. If someone says they’re not looking for a commitment – believe them. Don’t get caught up in trying to change them. People only change when they’re ready, not according to your schedule.
  5. Research shows that while we may think opposites attract, they actually attack. Shared values and personality traits are a strong predictor for happy, long-lasting relationships.
  6. Give and receive lots of cuddles. Enough said.
  7. Don’t bend yourself out of shape trying to be the type of person you think your lover truly desires. If they’re overly critical of you, then perhaps it’s time to hit the eject button. You’re not broken, there’s nothing to fix.
  8. Trust is a must. While some can some forgive infidelity, betrayal can really cut to the core. Don’t stay in anything that violates your emotional integrity. You’re far too precious for that.‘

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