Success couple blog: New York, New York!


Martin Sanders – one half of lovely UK eharmony success couple Morwenna and Martin – kindly wrote us a blog about their trip to New York for the eharmony 10th anniversary celebrations

Find out what they got up to, and how they felt meeting the other 69 couples, all brought together by eharmony:

Tuesday afternoon – arrival

Arriving in New York was very special, we stepped off the plane into the summer heat and we still couldn’t quite believe our luck!  After a short ride through the city we arrived at our hotel and we were totally blown away by it – our room was 26 storeys up with an amazing view of the Chrysler Building.  Soon after dropping off our things we went out for dinner with Jeremy and Linda, a couple who had been flown out from Australia, and Celia – eharmony UK’s PR representative.  We got chatting and we really got an idea of how wonderful Jeremy and Linda’s relationship is – they have baby on the way and they are both so excited!  It was great to see that there are other couples out there who are just as happy as us after being successfully matched.

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Wednesday – touristy fun

We, had a wander through Central Park and took a trip around Manhattan by boat on the Circleline.  It was great to have a bit of a break from our wedding planning and to spend some time with Mo (Morwenna). We managed to lose ourselves in both the city and each other, laughing and joking before settling down to an early night ahead of the busy day to follow.

Thursday – the big day!

On the Thursday we met up with several other couples and it really made me realise that eharmony are on to something.  Each couple we met was just glowing with happiness and had their own amazing stories to tell.  Some had been married for several years, some with kids on the way and others are set to be married in just a couple of weeks, just like us!

Our first job of the day was to wave and cheer at the cameras for CBS’s Early Show.  It was great fun and soon after we were introduced to our driver for the day and snuggled up together in the back of his pedicab.  There must have been about 25 couples in all, each one had their own pedicab with a 10 year anniversary mosaic of success couples on the back of it: we couldn’t help trying to find our photo on the one in front of us as we waited to leave.

Once everyone was ready we were off, all 40 pedicabs scrambled for space amongst New York’s morning traffic.  At each stop on our trip we were asked to do a different kiss for the cameras, there was the “dip kiss”, the “leg up kiss” and finally the “lean in kiss”!

We needed little encouragement, and neither did the other couples!  We couldn’t help but break into smiles at some of the noises coming from a few of the other couples around us!  We finished up at the billboard in Times Square – it was huge but despite staring for over 10 minutes we were still unable to find ourselves!  All the couples gathered together for one last kiss in front of the billboard, and people were crowding round to find out what was happening – it was like being some kind of celebrity!

Later in the evening we got dressed up afor the anniversary party.  I felt so proud to have Mo there on my arm, she looked gorgeous and had skillfully chosen a tie for me to wear that would match her dress! We spent some time chatting with a few of eharmony’s employees and it was amazing to hear just how much research and hard work goes on behind each match made on the site. It was really clear that they all loved their job, and they were so enthused and excited at seeing the fruits of their work in all the happy couples around them.

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Then we all had a chance to see the new adverts for eharmony in the US and it was really touching to see what they had come up with.  No sales pitch, just an up close look at what an amazing relationship their success couples really have, each look, touch and smile speaking volumes about how each partner feels about the other.  Everyone was deeply touched, and more than a few employees and couples had tears in their eyes.  By the end of the day I really had a sense of the difference eharmony makes for people, and also what could be possible for the world if every family was as close the couples we had met that day.

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