Tell all: your email pet hates


While putting together our guide to the ultimate email dos and don’ts (look out for it next month) we thought we’d ask you what your top email pet hates are. What is it, when you open an email communication from a match, that really puts you off? Maybe its one of these:

– Using text speak: ‘how r u? gr8 to spk to u
– Poor spelling or grammar
– A message that’s obviously been copied and pasted to lots of matches
– Someone who only talks about themselves

The list goes on! Everyone tries to be as open minded as possible when it comes to the search for love, but we know that sometimes little things can be really offputting. Plus, perhaps you take the view that small things suggest bigger issues, such as laziness or just a lack of things to say.

What can really put you off a match in their email? Post your comments below (no need to register)

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