The 5 biggest no-nos of filling out your online dating profile


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Your online profile is like your shop window. It needs to be attractive and enticing and make people want to know more about you so avoid these common mistakes.

One of the hardest things to write about is yourself. We know this which is why our profile pages are set up in a unique way to give a balance of bullet points and your own words. Despite this there are still some really common mistakes that people make which mean that their profile doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

1.      No photo

Before you upload a profile put some time and effort into making sure that you have some decent photos of yourself to upload. With good quality digital cameras built into phones and mobile devices there’s really no excuse. If you don’t own a digital camera, or are having difficulty uploading the images or taking a decent shot of yourself, ask someone to help you.

Profiles without photos will rarely get read and those with one blurred image fare almost as badly. If you’re serious about online dating show it by getting an up-to-date, clear, full-face shot of yourself – NOT one with a partner cropped out of it. Additional photos that show you engaged in hobbies or with pets are OK but ideally you should be the only person in each shot and they should all be truly representative of how you look now not years ago.

2.      An incomplete profile

Your profile is your opportunity to really express yourself. An incomplete profile expresses apathy, lack of commitment, laziness and an insincere approach to the dating process. It’s better to say something about yourself, even if it’s not perfect, rather than leaving people wondering if you got abducted by aliens half way through writing your profile.

An incomplete profile may also make people suspicious that you’re not a genuine member and wary about contacting you. Put an evening aside and fill it ALL in – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

3.      Being boring or generic

There are many things that make you uniquely you so why waste your precious words describing aspects of your life that make you sound just like everyone else? Most people value their family and friends but you can make your profile stand out by saying why. Most people enjoy dining out or a quiet night in with a film but to make this an interesting detail you need to elaborate and expand on these interests. What genre of films do you love to share? What’s your favourite dish? What’s the most exciting adventure you have been on in the last year?

You want people to read your profile and come away thinking you’re really someone worth getting to know. They won’t see that unless you show them.

4.      Negativity

There are few things more off-putting than a profile that’s shot through with negativity, moaning, bitterness or cynicism – it’s like a bad smell that will repel rather than attract potential matches. The fact that you’re filling in an online profile suggests that you’re ready to move on but in order to do that you have to dump your emotional baggage; not mention your ex and have an optimistic attitude rather than a deeply help belief that all men/women are ….. or that online dating is for losers. Even if you don’t express these beliefs outright they’ll come across in your profile.

5.      A profile which is badly written

Writing is not everyone’s forte but when you’re filling in your profile, apart from your photo, your words are the only means of attracting matches so you need to seriously brush up your spelling and grammar if you want to be successful. If you’re dyslexic or just not very confident ask someone to help you. Copy and paste your words into Microsoft Word and run a spell check or ask a friend to proof read your profile before it goes live.

Put just as much effort into your profile as you would into a CV and remember that the job you’re applying for is to be someone’s lifetime partner – that’s surely worth the effort.


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