Sheffield: an air of romance

Romance hangs in the air in Sheffield, this most green of modern cities. The confident Victorian grandeur of the civic quarter is balanced by exciting post-industrial museums and modern art galleries. The changing indoor exhibitions of the Sheffield Millennium Gallery are matched by timeless green spaces, which breathe a freshness and vitality into the air.

In terms of population, Sheffield is going through some interesting changes. The population is growing and getting younger, partly thanks to the many students who come to Sheffield to study and who then choose to settle down here. By 2013, nearly half the population will be in the prime dating age group of 20 to 44. But there will also be plenty of singles in their fifties and sixties, possibly looking for love a second time around. And it has been well known for some time that the number of women in Sheffield exceeds the number of men, with this trend set to continue.

Online dating in Sheffield

What all of this number crunching means for singles meeting on a Sheffield dating site like this one is that the options for new relationships based on deep compatibility are increasing – and there are new opportunities out there. There is scope to meet someone who is new to the city or someone who knows it well. And the old divisions between students and professionals are well and truly blurred, all of which helps to add to the friendly social mix and the options for dates in Sheffield.

A great benefit of the eHarmony Compatibility Matching System™ is that the singles you choose to meet are already well suited to your interests and personality, so you are likely to have a great time dating and sharing new experiences with them, whatever happens next.

Dating in Sheffield

For Sheffield singles looking for love, inspiration is everywhere. The city’s grand make-over has created a relaxed, forward-looking city with plenty of opportunities for enjoyment, whatever your interests. If you are looking for love, then dating in Sheffield is easy. Your biggest problem will be deciding where to go first.

Getting to know each other: first-date ideas

We often think of bars as the first option for a date, and certainly bars and pubs do offer the potential for a fantastically sociable night out. This is definitely true in Sheffield, where we pride ourselves on our friendliness and on brewing some of the best beer in Britain. But there is a flip side: the livelier the bar, the more distractions there will be. And if the music is too loud, you won’t be able to have the comfortable conversation you might like as you get to know each other better. Many of the city-centre bars around the Devonshire Street area are frequented by a younger crowd, and may not be the best choices for an intimate first date. Likewise the pubs and bars around the universities. In any event, there are many more unique and creative options in Sheffield. A careful choice of a time and location for a date says a lot about your willingness to work at bringing fun and interesting depth to a developing relationship.

One of the joys of a new relationship is that familiar places take on a new energy, and you build the confidence to explore some of the places you have always fancied but never quite got to before. When you are in a new relationship enjoying the company of someone you’ve just met through online dating Sheffield can become a whole new city to explore together, even if you have both lived here for years.

At eHarmony, we use our Compatibility Matching System™ to bring couples together, but no one should make assumptions or take a relationship for granted. Not all first dates will blossom into a lasting relationship, which makes your choice of the best time and place for dates important. Too romantic can be intimidating on a first date. Equally, finding yourself in the fast lane at Parkwood go-kart track when you have something important to say to your date could be frustrating!

A relationship that is meant to be is like an adventure story that draws you in. Here are some tips for the first few dates:

  • At the beginning of your dating adventure in Sheffield, keep it simple and take time to build your understanding of one another.
  • The first date sets the scene from which your story will unfold, so it’s probably best to avoid old haunts for obvious reasons.
  • A good first-date location is somewhere like Weston Park, with plenty of people and talking points around and the option of indoors or out.
  • As the story unfolds and your relationship grows, maybe try a casual bistro lunch, or a Sunday stroll in the botanical gardens or along the canal (both of which have the advantage of being free).
  • If you are sporty types, then iceSheffield could be the perfect place for some exercise and lots of laughs.

There’s plenty of variety in Sheffield, so there’s no excuse for “if it’s Tuesday (or Wednesday!), it must be football” – again.

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