eharmony's Leap Year Proposal

Get ready to watch the proposal of the century (a little tip from us - get the Kleenex at the ready).

Caroline wanted to propose to her partner on the one day old Irish legend suggested women could ask for their man's hand in marriage - Feb. 29th, also known as Leap Year. (thanks St. Brigid & St. Patrick for that one).

Over the years, eharmony's had a hand in creating over 409,840 relationships and 114,453 marriages here in the UK, so when Caroline got in touch to ask us to help her propose, we couldn't wait to give her lucky man Neal the biggest surprise of his life! Whilst Neal thought he was in London to star in eharmony's latest TV ad, Caroline had something else in store.

Caroline and Neal met on eharmony six years ago, with our unique compatibility matching system picking them as a perfect pair from day one, based on their similar values and characteristics. And we have to say - the better matching proof is definitely in the pudding - as this couple are like two peas in a pod, plus recently welcome beautiful baby Ollie into the world.

So - back to the surprise. You ready?

Getting to know Caroline & Neal...

How long were you on eharmony before you were matched?

Caroline: I wasn't on eharmony long, we had met within 2-3 months. I had tried lots of other sites for a lot longer but it shows that eharmony really works.

Neal: I wasn't either. I had actually signed up for 12 months and had been matched with Caroline in less than 2 months and I am so glad we were.

Where did you go on your first date?

Neal: It was a little bar by the reiver - Caroline has real problems with lateness and she ended up being over an hour and a half late and could only stay for 30 minutes, but we had a great time and it definitely left me waiting for the next date.

Caroline: Neal actually had his niece's 3rd birthday party, so we agreed to meet after that at a bar in York. I felt so bad for being late and must have spent most of the date apologising but we know on the first date we were a great match.

What do you think makes you click?

Neal: I think we are quite similar in a lot of ways, and what I am not good at Caroline is; and what Caroline is not good at I am and as a couple it makes us almost function!

Caroline: You're right, we balance each other out. I am more adventurous in some ways and Neal is more adventurous in others. Neal helped me be more adventurous and pushes me to do new things like mountain biking I love nothing more than watching Neal teach me new things. We both love children and from how he is with his nieces and nephews I knew very early on that Neal would be a great dad and we talked about having kids early on.

Why do you think eharmony's process worked?

Neal: eharmony works because it matches people based on their compatibility. Caroline and I hit it off straight away and we couldn't be a better match. I even recommended my friend to join eharmony, and he's now been with his partner for 5 years.

Caroline: I had tried other sites previously but they were not geared towards long lasting relationships more about about fooling around however I soon realised that I would never find anyone that wanted the same things in life as me on these sites. I joined eharmony and it paid off as I found Neal within a couple of months.

What was going through your mind when Caroline passed you the photo album?

Neal: To start with I didn't read what was on the chalk board in the photo, because when I looked at all the photos I was just enjoying reminiscing. Then it clicked that I hadn't seen this photo before and I eventually realised.

Caroline: I wasn't emotional until that last page turned and then I started to well up and feel so nervous at the same time as I didn't know what Neal was going to say or even if he was going to notice the message that Baby Ollie was holding.

When did you realise you were both in love?

Neal: We took my older niece and nephew out for the day and we had been seeing each other for a little while and my niece really bonded with Caroline and there is a lovely photo of Caroline carrying her on her back. When I look back that's when I realised she was made for me.

Caroline: It was the same for me. On the same day I met his mum and dad and his nieces and nephews for the first time and it was a lovely day and we had so much fun. I get on so well with Neal's family that it was a lovely day even it was cold and drizzly, it was when I fell in love with Neal.