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  • First, take our Relationship Questionnaire which helps us discover the real you, and tells us about the kind of person you're looking to share your life with
  • This questionnaire helps us create your free Personality Profile which will give you a greater understanding of yourself, and the kind of partner you're looking for
  • Finally, our Compatibility Matching System™ uses your Personality Profile to help find your matches based on our Key Dimensions of Compatibility. These matches will be other eHarmony members with whom you will be deeply compatible, sharing similar values, traits and experiences.

eHarmony Free Personality Test

Change begins with the first step.

At eHarmony, we know that life is a voyage of discovery. All of us have experiences along the way from which we learn and grow. And what we value most in ourselves or a partner changes over time.

Of course, there are certain things that stay the same: our capacity for emotion, and our ways of understanding and relating to the world. These are the things that form the basis of our personality, for which we yearn to be appreciated and loved.

It is our unique combination of experiences and personality that forms the key dimensions of compatibility and determines the success of our future relationships.

Understanding your relationship personality

Have you ever wondered why some relationships get off to a flying start but don’t last? Or why you are just not attracted to someone no matter how suitable they seem?

The answers lie in understanding the deepest levels of compatibility, and understanding your own unique relationship personality.

Life is full of these apparent contradictions. And at eHarmony, our success is based on helping you understand yourself and assessing what you need from a match to ensure you have the best possible chance of finding love and making a long-term relationship work at the deepest levels of compatibility.

Understanding yourself is the key to understanding the mysteries of relationships, and to unlocking your own potential for finding a compatible partner with whom to build a loving long-term relationship.

The eHarmony Compatibility Matching System™ is based on over 35 years of experience and scientific research into what makes happy, successful relationships work.

To find your compatible relationship matches, you start by taking the free personality test.

How the personality test works

Rather than an abstract psychometric test, it is a fun, interactive and easy-to-complete personality quiz that will help you understand more about yourself and what you are looking for in a compatible match.

As well as answering basic questions about yourself, you will have the opportunity to provide information about your dating personality and the qualities you value in a partner. The free and confidential questionnaire is designed to find out what really makes you tick so you will be offered the very best compatibility matches based on your values and beliefs.

The questions are divided into sections, and come with helpful hints and prompts to guide you through. You can take as long as you need to complete the quiz and you can save your answers as you go along.

Some questions require simple yes or no answers, while others ask for more detailed information. You are given the opportunity to rate the importance of certain values and attributes in a potential match. This way, you have the benefit of the widest possible range of deeply compatible matches.

The eHarmony personality test is the first step on your journey towards a new relationship based on an in-depth knowledge of yourself and what you need from a relationship.

We guarantee your privacy

  • You do not have to upload a photograph of yourself.
  • Your confidential personality test results are delivered to you instantly in your very own free online personality profile.
  • You will receive instant compatibility matches based on your unique personality profile.
  • You will be able to review your compatibility matches for free.
  • Your compatibility matches will not be given your contact details without your permission.

Benefits of your free online personality profile

Your personality profile highlights your personal strengths and values. The report is yours to keep and will help ensure you are matched to personality types with which you are deeply compatible. It will focus on those aspects of your personality that help ensure the success of a long-term, committed relationship.

  • Agreeableness: This is about character, your way of relating to other people, and how you balance personal independence with the desire to connect with others in meaningful ways.
  • Openness: Your trust in your own beliefs and how you process new ideas and information and interact with other personality types.
  • Emotional Stability: The personality test results also take into account your emotional stability, which includes the range of emotions you feel, the depth of those emotions, and how you express them.
  • Conscientiousness: Your approach to personal goals and whether you are focused and flexible in your approach to those goals.
  • Extraversion: This is less about whether you are loud and fun, and more about your fundamental desires and how you like to share your time with people.

Taking the personality quiz

There’s no waiting list and no need to book, so take your free personality test now to gain an in-depth understanding of your dating personality and receive your compatibility matches.