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eHarmony Success Couples

A Second Chance

Barbara and Nigel


Barbara “I’d been using some other dating websites but found that the men on there weren’t looking for a relationship and were just after a ‘hook up’. I’d been single for a while and really wanted to find a loving relationship again. I saw an advert for eHarmony on the TV and just thought ‘why not give it a go’?

“When I read Nigel’s profile it was as if I had written it about myself. I had always thought opposites attracted and had never considered dating some who was so like me in so many ways.

After about a month of dating, Nigel just stopped going home after our dates and stayed with me in my flat. We go to his place once a week to collect the mail and air the place out! He is just amazing; he knows when I need a friendly hug, or a cheeky cuddle or a tender kiss. He enjoys holding hands and rubbing my back, he makes me a ‘cuppa’ before I have even thought to ask for one.

We’ve now put Nigel’s house up for sale and have bought a place of our own. It’s been raining a lot so great timing for us to get all our furniture and bits and bobs sorted. I am so excited at the thought that we can spend the rest of our lives together.  I have met his parents and many of his family and friends all of whom are so pleased to see how happy he is. He is my soul-mate.”

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