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Chris and Karen

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Chris: “Well, after being on eHarmony for a month or so I met Karen. I had been communicating with one or two others, but didn't feel any chemistry. Karen and I exchanged email addresses in May, and communicated as friends for another few months.

There’s quite a story associated with our first date. I’m not in the greatest health and I have had a life threatening illness for the past four years. At times things have very nearly reached the end. Towards the end of August my health took a dramatic turn for the worse. I became very poorly and we all thought that my time had come. I was at home being looked after by the local palliative care team and the local hospice. I stayed in contact with Karen throughout and on one particular day things really took a nose-dive. She made the decision that she had to meet me as she didn't want life to go on not ever having known me personally. She had a day off work and caught the train from Melton Mowbray to Cambridge. She only had a matter of hours to see me as she was back at work that evening. My dad collected me from my house and took me in my wheelchair to the local church where there is a cafe. Karen arrived and we sat and talked for an hour with my family keeping a vigil over me. Karen offered to take me for a walk in my wheelchair around the town and we set out from the cafe for half an hour whilst I showed her the sights of Cambridge as best I could. We talked and wound up in a pub nearby. Time ran away with us and soon Karen had to catch her train home. My dad drove us to the station where after two hours we said our goodbyes not knowing whether we would get the chance to see each other again.

That afternoon upon returning home, I made the decision not to give up and to fight against the demons of my illness in order to get to see Karen again. I can honestly say I fell for her that day and it is a fact that she saved my life. I was ready to slip away peacefully after years of fighting and she came into my life and gave me the drive I needed to continue.

Months later we were married - it may have seemed quick, but given the uncertainty surrounding my health we figured that life is for living. We knew we wanted to spend every day of what we have left together, so nothing was stopping us. We got married at the local registry office with our family around us. It was the most amazing day.

I don't think either of us expected it from the outset - internet dating being a foreign world, but having found someone I click with on every single possible level is truly incredible and in all my 29 years I have never met someone who is capable of making me feel the way I do, and to make it even more special, every sentiment is reciprocated. Each moment, each second of each day counts, and together we hope to forge incredible memories that will remain with us forever. I feel united against all ills now, and we are sincerely the best team - myself, Karen and our baby boy Euan who was born on the 11th July.”

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