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Paul and Anna


Anna: “I really like the idea of eHarmony because of how they find you someone who matches your values, beliefs and the way you generally think about things. I wanted to find someone who would be compatible with me to spend my life with.

I was so nervous before meeting Paul for our first date but within 30 minutes of being with him, I felt totally relaxed. Paul is really good at making people feel at ease and comfortable. It was going really well and our dinner had barely arrived before Paul asked me out for a second date - I was delighted! Our relationship progressed quite quickly because we both felt so right together.

In February, Paul proposed to me in the Peak District and it was the most romantic proposal! We were half way through a long walk and he told me he had to do up his shoe laces. I didn’t think anything of it except then he took out a small coin bag from his pocket and gave it to me. I didn’t know what was going on but I opened the bag and there was a single love heart sweet in it that read ‘Say Yes’. My first thought was that he was playing a joke on me but then he pulled out a beautiful ring that I’d seen a few weeks earlier and he asked if I would give him the greatest pleasure of being his wife!

Our wedding was planned for June but shortly a few months after the proposal, we discovered that I was pregnant! We managed to bring forward our wedding to January when I was five months pregnant and had a truly wonderful day followed by a romantic honeymoon in Edinburgh as I didn’t want to travel too far away. We now have a beautiful baby girl, Eliza who has made our family complete.”

Paul: “Like Anna, I was intrigued by the scientific background of eHarmony. The question process was very lengthy and I actually really liked it and enjoyed completing it. I’d tried other dating sites before and had some really quite terrible dates, but with all the dates I went on from eHarmony, all the women were lovely and had I met them out and about, we could have become great friends.

I remember seeing Anna’s profile and noticing that we had a lot in common, such as the arts and travelling and of course I thought she was beautiful! We emailed for about two weeks before we met up, and most of that was us trying to find a good time that we could do it!

I was very nervous before my first date with Anna, and Anna now says that I was stuttering a bit at first so it must have been obvious that I was nervous! I knew that she was nervous because she kept saying 'umm' and 'erm' but this actually helped calm my nerves, knowing that she was nervous too. The date with Anna was different to my other eHarmony dates; there was a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. I went to visit my parents the weekend after that dinner and I told them all about Anna and I couldn’t wait for them to meet her, I just knew!

I’d decided that I wanted to propose to Anna so I planned a weekend getaway to the Peak District in February. We were ready for a long walk through the hills but we had to stop off for a pub lunch just before; I needed a quick beer to calm my nerves! I was delighted when she agreed to be my wife and just moments after she said yes, it began to pour with rain. We quickly got back to our walk and returned to the village we were staying in, hunting for champagne on the way back to celebrate. We kept the engagement between the two of us for the evening and night as it was a very special moment for us, but as soon as we got home on Sunday we were on the phone to all of our families and friends to tell them the good news.

Our wedding happened sooner than expected because we realised we had a baby on the way. Eliza is now a few months old and we love her more than anything. We’re finally getting the hang of being parents instead of zombies!”

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