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Carol and Rob

Cardiff, Glamorgan

Carol: “When I joined eHarmony, I wasn’t totally prepared to start a serious relationship with anyone but just kept an open mind. For this reason I asked for matches worldwide not thinking in my wildest dreams that miracles really do happen, but they do! When a profile came up for a guy in New South Wales, Australia whose criteria matched mine, I thought sending an ice breaker wouldn’t be a bad idea as after all it was the other side of the world and what harm could it do?  

I had been communicating with a few people in Britain via the guided questions but to be honest, no one had really taken my eye. The next day I received an icebreaker back from this person in Australia and off we went through guided communication, only this time his answers were so interesting and we were soon replying to each other every day until we completed the communication stage. After this, normal emailing through eHarmony began and even though it sounds like an old cliché, we found ourselves emailing a few times through the day. This in itself was quite difficult as there is a nine hour time difference between Britain and Sydney so trying to synchronize our time together was quite difficult. Within the space of four weeks we found ourselves starting to text each other as well as emailing so that we could be in contact in work as well as when home. Another two to three weeks went by and the phone calls began.

We were getting on very well so in November, Rob flew over to the U.K to visit me and my family. My two children came with me to the train station and it was when I got into the taxi to the station that I thought, “I can’t do this”! I felt as though I knew Rob so well but I was still meeting a complete stranger. I should have known that our meeting would feel so natural and that we would quickly overcome any excited nerves. Although it’s definitely different talking to someone over the phone to seeing them in person, our feelings for one another definitely developed during Rob’s visit. The feelings between us have grown so much in fact that while Rob was here in the U.K he proposed!

We feel like we have known each other for years. I have been married before as has he, and we both have children so the relationship will not be without its trials and difficulties, but love conquers all they say and let me tell you, distance is no object. The patience aspect is very difficult so for new people starting out I would say think carefully before you start talking to people from very far away as you just don’t know when Cupid’s arrow is going to strike and when it does, it can be a tremendously powerful little devil! I never in my wildest dreams thought I could meet such a wonderful, loving, caring, compassionate human being as I have. I wasn’t even sure that people like him existed in real life, only in fairy tales.

I was once such a skeptic, but they say you are never too old to learn and my goodness what a learning curve this has been. I wanted to write to let you know as when I first started with your site, I read the success stories, and like all single people you find yourself sighing a little and wishing that these things would happen to you and wondering if the stories were really true. Well let me tell you they are! I have met the most wonderful man, even though for now he is on the other side of the world, but by January when Rob relocates to the U.K, we are hoping to be together forever.”

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