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Nita and Amish


Nita: “One rainy afternoon after being a member of eHarmony for a couple of months, I decided I needed to revamp my profile as it didn't contain nearly enough information or photos. So I went about spending a couple of hours doing this. I was instantly rewarded for my efforts, when Amish pinged me his first three questions. We went through the eHarmony guided process and exchanged a few emails via the console. We then moved on to personal email and texts.

We met for our first date two weeks later, meeting for coffee. From my perspective, the date went very well and I was very attracted to Amish. Little did I know at the time that Amish thought I talked too much  Luckily, he called me a couple of days later and asked me out on a second date. I’m a vegetarian so Amish booked us into a quirky vegetarian restaurant in West London. This time he was running late so I waited a while outside in the cold for him, but he made up for it when he arrived! The restaurant was amazing, the tables were covered in table cloths that you could draw on and had pots of pens on the tables. We set a challenge to draw each other, both of our competitive sides coming out. I won outright and Amish was completely amazed at my drawing skills!

Since then, we haven't looked back. We saw each other almost every day and fell into each other's routine seamlessly. Last summer, we both decided to tell our parents about our relationship and slowly they began making arrangements to make things official traditionally. We set a date for our Indian engagement ceremony, which took place on the 28th April. It was the Monday before this that Amish proposed to me.”

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