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Scott and Sarah

Colwyn Bay, Conwy

Scott: "I hadn't been in a steady relationship for some time. An advert for eHarmony came on the telly and its emphasis was about relationships rather than just dating. A number of people in work had had success with meeting people with dating websites; the internet is mature so I thought “Why not give it a go?”

Completing the questionnaire on eHarmony took 20 minutes or so and it asked all sorts of wide ranging questions. I was beginning to wonder where this would all lead! But I needn't have worried, it's all done to help focus the possible matches to you, your personality and your interests. Sarah came up on the search within a couple of days. I initiated the questions first to Sarah and I was intrigued and humoured by her replies. The questions went to secure messages through to e-mails, through to phone calls up until we met up in Chester.

We've been having a whale of a time together. We've been matched so we do have a lot of in common. Not necessarily hobbies but our beliefs, where our 'citizen compass' points, what makes us tick as people. And obviously we have a great time together whilst sharing many laughs and chuckles. We still have enough of a difference of opinion though to still have interesting chats!

Sarah really has filled a big void in my life with her love, personality and humour and I don't where I'd be without her today.

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