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Lisa and Lee

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Lisa: “I had been single since July 2008 after my divorce and found it difficult to juggle a social life whilst also caring for my two-year-old son, Thomas. In 2010, I decided that I was ready to move on from my past marriage and very much wanted to find that special someone to start a new relationship with. I wanted to share my life and Thomas’ with someone and build plans for the future. I was lonely.

I was attracted to eHarmony when I saw it advertised on TV because it was promoting that I’d be matched on values and morals, which was extremely important to me. So having seen the advert a couple of times and also after receiving personal recommendations from a friend who had also found a relationship through eHarmony, I decided to give it a go. I joined in January 2010 and was matched with Lee in the March. Lee sent me an icebreaker and I responded. I can’t recall what the messages were now, but I do remember reading his profile and it made me smile. He seemed very genuine and his values matched mine perfectly.

We completed Guided Communication and then progressed to emails in May. There was a gap in my activity due to a family holiday that I took in America, but on my return at the end of June I had a reminder sent to me from Lee. We began communicating again and finally exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone. We had long chats about all sorts of things, light hearted to serious, likes and dislikes, past and future dreams. Lee was busy during August but we had our first date one Sunday at the end of the month. I arranged for him to pick me up from my parent’s house as they were away on holiday and at first at least, I didn’t want him to know my address. I was still being cautious.

We went into Chester for a meal and then drinks, it was a lovely evening and Lee dropped me home and asked to see me again. He was a gentleman. Before we planned our next date I unfortunately found a lump in my breast and was awaiting investigations. At first I didn’t know whether to tell Lee until I found out what it was, but I felt close enough to him even though we had only met once and I wanted to tell him, so I did. Lee was very supportive and did offer reassurance that it was probably precautionary to get checked out. Sadly, my diagnosis was breast cancer and I was faced with having to tell Lee who was obviously as shocked and upset as I and my family were, but he was completely supportive. I did say that I would understand before we got any further into the relationship if he wished to end our dating as this was a massive thing to deal with and I also didn’t at that stage know what my treatment would entail. He said that he liked me a lot, that he wanted to continue seeing each other and made it clear that if our relationship did not work out it would not be because of the cancer. He was fantastic.

I had surgery in September 2010, followed by a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy until January 2011. It was a very tough 18 months, which I can honestly say was made easier because I had Lee at my side. He has been just amazing, always complimenting me on the way I look, even with no hair and making me feel special every day. He has attended hospital appointments and treatment sessions with me; he really has been my rock. I have now received my first annual screening and all is well.

introduced Lee to Thomas in about the October of 2010 and again I can honestly say that they just got on, and have grown closer and closer ever since. Not only do I say ‘I love you Lee’ but so does Thomas, which is just so lovely to hear and Lee will respond with ‘I love you too mate’. Lee is fantastic with Thomas. He gives him encouragement, guidance, reward and also shows him right from wrong. He’s a proper father figure!

Lee proposed to me on New Year’s Eve 2010. We had been out for the evening and I was having difficulty at that time with my appearance and I really didn’t feel good. Having seen lots of other girls dressed all nice I suppose I felt jealous and a little inferior and I thought that Lee would most likely prefer I looked like them, which I know is completely irrational. Anyway, I got a little upset and whilst trying to reassure me, Lee just popped the question. I was very emotional and without hesitation I said yes.

We are now planning our wedding for August this year. We are all very excited, Thomas included. Both our families are made up for us and we are just one big family now. All together, we make a great team.”

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