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Liz and Nick

Cardiff, Wales

Liz: “My dad was actually the one who convinced me to register for eHarmony, and he even paid for my year subscription!  Annoyingly for him, I came across Nick’s profile on my third day on the website! I sent him a smile because I thought he was really attractive in his photos and also because he loves to read and I do too.

We were talking for a while and I wasn’t sure if he was going to ask me out or not so I urged him along and said something like, ‘well you’ll have to ask me out at some point, won’t you?’ He took the hint and we organised our first date. We live in separate cities and I was relieved when he said straight away that he would drive to Cardiff to see me. I can’t even describe how nervous I was before our first date. It didn't help that Nick was 45 minutes late!  

When he finally arrived, it wasn’t long before I felt very at ease with him although I still nervously chattered away and didn’t shut up for the whole evening. I knew straight away that I really liked him and wanted to see him again. I was confident he felt the same way.

For our second date, I was planning to go to Bristol but I felt so ill on the day, I had to cancel. I told him that I was going to spend the day in my pyjamas on the sofa trying to get better and joked that he should come and look after me. A minute later he text me saying he was on his way! I looked and felt terrible but Nick looked after me while I basically slept the whole time he was there. I knew then that he was really special.”

Nick: “I’d been on three dates before Liz and although they were really nice, there was just no connection. With Liz, we got on so well via email and I was really hoping that there would be that spark when we met in person that lacked in my other dates.

I guess you can say that I didn’t give the best first impression. I was 45 minutes late to our first date and was quite worried that I’d blown it. I’d gone to get my hair cut in preparation for our date and I didn’t consider how bad the traffic would be when I left! Luckily, she wasn’t angry (I don’t think) and we had a great time together talking and laughing all evening. It was obvious that we liked each other and I knew that we’d see each other again.

Our relationship has progressed so naturally. We never had any kind of formal discussion about becoming ‘official’ we both just knew that we were and both closed our eHarmony accounts at the same time without even discussing it. We knew we weren’t interested in anyone else.

I’m planning to move in with Liz in September which means relocating to Cardiff. My commute to work will be a bit longer but I’m so excited to see her every day and start the next chapter of our lives together.”

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