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Daphney and Brendan


Daphney: "I joined eHarmony because my friends were telling me that I had to get a decent boyfriend. I saw Bren’s profile and he seemed to tick most of the boxes being that I wanted a guy my age with no kids, a good job and taller than me! I also saw that his family were from South Africa, and I am too so he instantly caught my attention. We tend to argue over who made the first move; Brendan viewed my profile first but I messaged him first.

We chatted for a few weeks over the site and then decided to meet at the end of September at a local pub for lunch. We were both shy but it went well and then, we decided to go to do quid biking after lunch! It ended up being really funny as Brendan was stuck behind me and got completely covered in mud - so much for being a romantic date and looking my best! It was my idea to go quad biking but Brendan absolutely loved it as it’s not something that you would normally do on a first date. We felt so comfortable with each other and didn’t want the date to end. We ended up watching movies together after cleaning up and before we knew it, it was three in the morning and we had spent almost 15 hours together on our first date! It was the best date ever and we both felt very comfortable with each other.

Last year in October we purchased our first house together and to keep in with our October theme, last month we got married! We clearly are a great match because the wedding day was quite a test! The zip on my wedding dress broke the night before and the music on the day didn't work. All that, plus the groom was late for the wedding! All that aside, we had a very special day and we couldn't be happier. We're travelling to South Africa to have our second dream wedding with all of our family who still live over there; it's going to be a beach wedding and we can't wait!"

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