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Jenny and Fans


Fans: “It was all thanks to my sister-in-law why I joined eHarmony. I’d been through a difficult break up and had to move in with my brother and his family for a while. Jules, his wife, insisted I ‘got back out there’ again and helped me sign up to eHarmony.

It is also thanks to my boss that I met Jenny! He told me to contact Jenny even though, to be honest, I didn’t think she really stood out! I can say it now because we’re engaged, but that was what I thought! When I met her though, I was absolutely blown away; she was stunning! The date was perfect (even though she was late) - I’ve since learnt that that’s Jenny!

I recently proposed to Jenny and let’s just say it didn’t go quite to plan. Jenny was out with friends on Saturday night and I knew I wanted to propose to her that evening. While she was out, I went and bought 40 candles of all different sizes, some tea light and some big ones ready to light on her return. Obviously, I needed to know exactly when she’d be home so I could light them just before. I also didn’t want to insist of knowing when she would be home because she would get suspicious and wonder why I was being pushy. She said she would be home around 9pm so I prepared for a roughly 9pm star. But then, she text me to say she’d stay out a bit later. I said it was fine but really would like to know when she would be back. She said she didn’t know and began to get a bit irritated with my constant asking. We actually ended up having a bit of an argument because Jenny thought I was being overprotective or controlling which I never had been before! If only she knew!

She (finally) got home at half past midnight; she came through the door and I was there with 40 candles lit and our favourite song playing in the background. Believe it or not, Jenny’s first thought was that I had done this grand gesture to apologise for being a bit of a pain all evening! She didn’t consider that I wouldn’t have been able to buy any candles at that hour of the night! I got down on one knee, took out the ring and asked her to marry him. She burst into tears and said yes!”

Jenny: “Like Fans, I’d also had a bad break up and it was two of my guy friends that insisted I give eHarmony a try even though I really didn’t think online dating was for me. I actually started closing a lot of my matches because I didn’t feel ready for the whole dating scene but one of my friends saw Fans’ profile and told me not to close him but just give him a chance and said the famous words “what have you got to lose?” So, I decided to meet him.

Our first date was great; there is nothing that could have gone better! We actually didn’t realise how late it was until we were asked to lift up our feet so they could hoover! We apoligised and said we’d leave right away but they told us to stay and finish our food because we’d barely touched it! We met up every weekend from that date and then started to meet up in the week as often as we could. I was a bit wary to introduce him to my family because I hadn’t told them I had met him online and I knew my dad and brother would have something to say about it. As expected, they were quite concerned when they found out as they are very protective of me. Fans also didn’t give off the best first impression! He gave off the typical ‘accountant in London’ impression and ordered the most expensive champagne at a fancy bar in London, making my dad and brother both think he was quite arrogant. He was actually desperately trying to make them like him of course! The second time they met, Fans absolutely won them over though and they all get on fantastically well. My brother actually does to Fans when he needs advice or just for a chat, instead of any of his actual family.

Fans asked my brother and father if he could propose and then ended up spending all afternoon in a bar celebrating – they were thrilled! Of course I said yet and our wedding is planned for October this year. I wanted to make sure we really enjoyed the engagement so got everything planned and ready early on so we could just enjoy being engaged. There is nothing to stress about now; we’re just so excited for the big day and, equally as important, the honeymoon!”

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