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Sarah and Jonathan


Sarah: "I had been single for ages and after trying with lots of other online dating sites, I decided to give eHarmony a go. It was about finding the right person and I couldn’t believe how well eHarmony matched me and Jonathan. One little example, we are both always on time (or early) for things. It was amazing to turn up for our first date and Jonathan was already there waiting for me. That made a huge difference to countless dates where I was left in the rain waiting for some random guy. Another thing I liked about eHarmony was that I didn’t have to go through pages and pages of pictures and profiles which is something I find very shallow about other sites. On eHarmony you get a bunch of profiles a day and you take the time to read all about the person. And mainly I was reassured that most men are looking for serious relationships, which makes all the difference.

John wasn’t the type of guy I would normally go for, but he sent me a really nice long message, which made me want to respond. The message was so unlike anything I received before, both on eHarmony and other sites and he seemed so genuine and lovely. I felt an instant connection to John, which I had never felt before with anyone else while online dating, and he was the first guy I went on a date with from eHarmony. We spoke for a few weeks before we decided to meet up but I couldn’t wait much longer that I actually brought the date forward a few days!

We met at Waterloo in London and went out for dinner, which was a premiere for me as I would usually choose drinks for a first date activity, but I felt so comfortable with John that I didn’t mind.

It was my birthday the next day and when it got to midnight Jonathan gave me a birthday kiss – that just completely made my night.

Things progressed very quickly. We had four dates in the first week and by Wednesday I knew that I wanted him to be my boyfriend and vice versa. We spoke everyday and met up all the time.

We met each other’s families around Christmas time only a few months after we first met, moved in together in July 2013 and are now saving up to buy a house.

When John proposed to me on a random Thursday evening in December it didn’t come as a shock but it wasn’t totally expected either. We had been speaking about marriage for a long time and both knew that we wanted a small and simple wedding, because we are saving for a house. We considered eloping to get married but never got around to actually doing it.

I came home from work one Thursday afternoon and John said that he had something to show me. I followed him upstairs and he got out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was so happy because it was exactly the kind of proposal I had wished for, totally private and romantic and the ring was beautiful, and perfect. We didn’t tell anyone for a couple of months and we really enjoyed having our little secret. We wanted the wedding to be completely ‘us’ and not over the top or fancy. We actually planned the whole thing in a matter of weeks just between the two of us and only told our 14 guests a week before the wedding that they had to be there! Everyone was over the moon and crying and so happy for us, and of course had to make a few last minute arrangements!

We got married in Islington Town Hall and booked a private room in a restaurant afterwards. It was very simple and small, with our closest relatives and friends, and absolutely perfect.

I am so happy with John and we are both so in tune with each other which makes us the perfect match.”

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