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International Couples

Joanna and Joshua

Plymouth, Devon

Joanna: "We were matched on eHarmony in October '08. I lived in Britain and he in America. We were attracted by each others' profiles and by the answers we gave to each others' questions. However we were both busy with other things and it wasn't until January '09 that we started talking every day. email, MSN, Skype, phone calls...we would talk for hours upon hours every night. By the end of the month we were courting and had arranged to meet in the Summer. At Easter I arranged a last-minute trip to visit him for the first time. It was like we had known each other forever. By the time I returned home 10 days later we were engaged.

In July we got married in a small wedding, it was a happy time. After a short honeymoon in the mountains we both flew to the UK to celebrate with my family. We had decided that I would be the one moving countries, and so the immigration process then began. This involved having to be apart at times, but it was worth it. In February '10 I finally moved to the US permanently. A couple of months later we bought our first house which we are now busy renovating. We are so excited for the future!"

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