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Ashley and Alex


Ashley: “Last summer I was accepted into a school in London.  At the time I lived in the Cayman Islands, but knew that since I was relocating I would need to make new friends. I didn’t know of any friendship websites out there so I figured eHarmony would be a safe way to meet and mingle upon my arrival. I was never a believer in finding love online, so wasn't taking my matches seriously and usually allowed my matches to open the lines of communication with me. I made it quite clear to anybody I spoke to that I was looking for friendship before anything else.  And then I saw him...  

Alex appeared in my matches.  He was so different to everyone else. I was instantly attracted to him and my sixth sense pulled me to bypass all ice breakers and the guided communication. I just had to speak to him, so sent him a message and waited for his response. Alex sent a very positive email back to me.

From then on we wrote reams and reams of emails to each other.  My day did not start or end without reading Alex’s words and we seemed to have so much in common. He said things to me I thought I could or would never hear and it excited me that our minds matched on so many levels.  He truly understood me before we ever spoke to each other over the phone.  He filled my heart, my mind and my soul with intrigue. I thought he was too good to be true and there could be no way he was real.

I finally moved to London and we were very excited about meeting for the first time, which included Alex meeting my father who had come to London with me to help me settle - a request on my part that Alex warmly and perfectly accepted.  I was nervous all day before we met and when I opened the door to Alex my heart exploded and my knees went weak.  He was everything I had imagined and more. Most of all, he was real.

I never thought that love could be found in such a way but since I met Alex I have become the biggest supporter of eHarmony.  Our kindred souls linked across waters and cyberspace to join in perfect unison. We can’t thank eHarmony enough and recommend the site to all of our friends.”

Alex: “Well, I am a performing rock musician and music tutor and one afternoon on my way to work, taking the train from Richmond to Clapham Junction, bored of the usual routine, I decided to look around and read the adverts that were posted on the walls. An eHarmony advert about a psychological test caught my attention.

I loved the idea of taking a psychological test and found out a lot about myself in relation to the opposite gender. I wasn't really looking for a relationship and I definitely was not interested in any sort of correspondence with a person living 15,000 miles away.

Ashley’s first message to me stated boldly, ‘I like you’ which obviously made me laugh and definitely caught my eye. We started communicating and I found her conversation always appealing and intriguing. Suddenly I found out that she was living in the Cayman Islands and hadn’t moved to London yet for her two years of study. I was disappointed that we couldn’t meet sooner but we had so much in common that we kept emailing each other and I was startled by how compatible we were. We’d talk about anything, from comics and Disney to our daily life and personal experiences. I felt some kind of spark with Ashley. She sounded funny and joyful and to be succinct, like my dream girl.

Ashley moved to London for her studies and her Dad escorted her, so on our first date I actually had the chance to meet one of her parents and we had a brilliant evening with never-ending conversations and the three of us truly enjoyed ourselves.

We have been together ever since and I have never been happier in my entire life. Ashley is the soul mate I’d spent years looking for. It’s crazy to think that my life has changed all thanks to an advert on the train.”

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