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Kirsty and Tom

Indiana, USA

Tom:  “Before I joined eHarmony, I was investing a lot of time and energy into both my career and my chosen sport, triathlon. This didn't leave me much free time. I thought eHarmony would be an effective way of getting to know people without being too time consuming. I was looking for someone more compatible than the girls I had met on other sites and the eHarmony system seemed to provide a good filter.

When Kirsty arrived for our date, I can remember thinking how attractive she was. I was even more drawn in as we talked and it became apparent that she was also interesting in conversation. I really enjoyed the evening and we laughed a lot. I even found it funny and endearing when she accidently knocked her drink and spilt it all over the table, although she was pretty mortified! I decided during the date that I definitely wanted to see Kirsty again. It wasn't until the second date though that I managed to get a kiss!”

Kirsty: “I was persistently coerced to join eHarmony by a couple of my close friends! I’d been single for a few years and they wanted me to "get back on the bandwagon" so to speak. During an evening round my friend's house, I eventually gave in and agreed to sign up, with their help completing my profile of course!

I was really nervous before our first date! I was a bit pessimistic about the prospect of meeting someone from the internet and put it off for a couple of weeks. I even had a couple of friends on standby in case I needed an emergency "something bad happened" call! We agreed to meet at a nice bar in Lincoln and I was relieved that Tom actually looked like he did in his photos. We had a quick drink at the bar and then went on a Ghost Walk. When the Ghost Walk finished, we returned to the same bar for another drink and a chat. Soon the staff were tidying up around us and getting ready to close! When we went our separate ways, I drove round the corner and then called my friends to fill them in because I was really excited and couldn't wait until I got home! Luckily Tom wanted to see me again too and the rest, as they say, is history!

We were matched in July, went on our first date in August, I met his parents in September, he met my parents in October, we went on our first holiday together in November and moved in together the following March. Then we were thrown a curveball; Tom was offered a promotion at work which meant relocating to the USA. It was a wonderful opportunity for him which I didn’t want to stand in the way of. The only options seemed to be to get married so I could get a visa to join him, try a long distance relationship or go our separate ways. We decided to throw caution to the wind and chose the first option. Not knowing how long all the immigration/legal/employment formalities would take, we decided we needed to get married as soon as possible but still wanted a proper wedding. We went from engaged to married in eight weeks and had an absolutely brilliant wedding day! Many guests commented that they couldn't tell we had pulled it together in such a short space of time. Lots of different elements fell in to place as if it was meant to be.

We got married after knowing each other for 10 months and now, less than a month away from our first wedding anniversary and living in Indiana, we couldn't be happier with how things have turned out. I can honestly say there is nothing I would change about Tom and cannot believe how well matched we are. I feel incredibly lucky and proud to call him my husband.”

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