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Long Distance

Morwenna and Martin


Morwenna: "As soon as I saw Martin’s profile I was interested in learning more about him. He’d seen that I’d looked at his profile and so he sent me an ice-breaker. We went through the guided communication, which took us about a week. Getting a communication or response from him was the highlight of my day and I could think of little else! Within 10 days we were emailing daily, more sometimes. It didn’t seem to matter that he was in Tiverton, Devon and I was in Bristol.

We exchanged telephone numbers via email. I opened his email at 7.55pm to read that he was going to call me at 8pm that evening - panic! I wasn’t at home and I wanted to be calm and composed before talking to this incredible man for the first time. So some extreme texting ensued on my part to say that I wasn’t home but I’d call him as soon as I was. I immediately headed home and as I got in the door texted Martin to say that I’d ring in five minutes and also mentioned that I was excited but also really nervous about speaking to him for the first time. He replied to say “Same here! Don’t worry we can panic together ” Well, from that moment on I have felt that Martin and I are in this together, even supporting each other through our nerves about talking for the first time.

When I heard his voice it was such a relief – he sounded sane, normal even, and very sexy! We spoke for about 45 minutes and it was so easy and went really quickly. We decided to meet up a couple of days later in Dunster and we haven’t looked back since. It was so strange during our first meeting – we were both so familiar to each other in terms of who we were as people, but we were looking at a stranger. When we hugged for the first time it felt so right, so familiar and so wonderful. Our first meeting was also when we had our first kiss, it was perfect.

So, we met online and in person in September 2009. By October he’d moved in and we’d been on our first holiday to Cornwall. In early December we went to Paris. It was there in the folly at the top of a beautiful park overlooking Paris that Martin proposed. He got a damp knee as he knelt in front of me and opened a box to show me the most exquisite platinum diamond engagement ring. I was so happy and overwhelmed that I was also in floods of tears. Martin had to ask me again to check if I was saying yes or no!

I am so happy and feel so lucky. Martin is perfect for me and he tells me I’m perfect for him. We are so excited about spending the rest of our lives together and in time starting a family. We’d have never met if it hadn’t have been for a bit of luck, huge amounts of courage and, of course, eHarmony! So thank you."

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