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Long Distance

Dipak and Anesia


Anesia: "The first time Dipak and I spoke over video chat, he was so nervous and was so wowed by seeing me that he ended our conversation really abruptly and I was a little worried that maybe he didn't like me as much as I'd hoped (I didn't know how nervous he was until later!) Instead of fretting, I wrote him immediately after and said, "Was that as awkward for you as for me?" I was so happy the next day when I got an email from him saying that he was just so unnerved by how beautiful he thought I was.

The next time we talked on video, we spoke for twelve hours, sharing our life stories and even hashing out, very early on, possible conflicts or incompatibilities we might have with each other. I was amazed at how we faced our fears together in such an honest way, hardly even knowing each other! We've both wondered sometimes if we've moved too fast, but I understand now how some of my friends who are happily married or happily on their way there can say, "you just know." We are in no rush, yet we feel certain of our future, which is a feeling and circumstance I didn't think existed before now. We've agreed to communicate openly about everything to the best of our ability, and we've continued to do so since. I know that while I've got lots to learn still about nurturing this relationship, I see how I have much strength that is brought out by being with someone with whom I'm truly compatible. Thank you for making it possible for me to meet my soul mate, and to renew my faith in true magic.

Every moment we have together reinforces our certainty that we are really right for each other. We are thrilled every day just getting to know each other and laughing together, because being married to the RIGHT person is just plain FUN. We keep dreaming together, and we are sure that every time a dream comes true, it’s because we made it happen as a couple. Keep up the good work, eHarmony!"

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