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Long Distance

Teresa and Dan

Northampton, East Midlands

Dan: “I decided to check eHarmony out after finding myself turning 37, single and alone most weekends! Although I had a good friend base at the time they were all married and settled with kids on the way and had moved on with their lives. I felt I’d also changed over the years, finally understood who I was and especially what kind of girl I wanted to be with.

It was a Sunday like most other Sunday’s for me, weekly food shopping and then home to cook and prepare meals for the week. Once all was done I sat down to watch a football match on the TV and saw several adverts for eHarmony who promoted the idea of a long-term relationship.

I punched in the web address and filled in all the questions. Boy there were a lot and it was very thorough but I was as honest as I could be and after filling in my profile I started to explore the site. I decided to go for it and pay my subscription and see what happened! I narrowed down a list of my matches and then made contact with a few people over the next few weeks. I went through guided communication with a couple of girls, I did get to open communication with one nice girl, but in the meantime I had been matched with Teresa. I looked at her picture and thought, ‘Wow, you’re just the kind of girl I like.’

I left Teresa's profile saved for the next few days because I really liked what I had read but she lived 160 miles away. At the time I couldn't drive, so this could prove to be tricky! A couple of days later I decided to take the plunge and made contact with Teresa and straight away we just clicked and connected and I couldn't wait to hear from her every day!”



Teresa: “I never anticipated being single in my thirties, but it just happened. I’d looked into online dating but eHarmony came across as different to the other sites which I had steered away from. This was more about finding a life partner and having the best chance through compatible personality matching. None of my friends had any spare and available thirty-something, nice male friends hanging about, besides and I wasn’t interested in people that just were not right. I wanted something long-term if I was going to bother with a relationship again and didn’t want to mess about wasting my time - been there, done that!

My theory was that if nothing else, eHarmony would put me in touch with other single people of a similar age and would reassure me that I wasn’t the only single thirty-something out there.

So one evening I signed up. The process took some time to complete but it was interesting too. I then had to create my profile. Summing yourself up in a few sentences is hard but it was nice how many people came through as a match or a partial match and over the next few days I enjoyed reading other people’s profiles. I deleted a lot of people after reading their profile, I felt a little guilty as you have to make a judgment on someone over a small quantity of information but there were some people that were just were not for me.  I went on a couple of dates through the site and it was clear from the onset that although the guys were nice enough and fun, they were not for me either.

Over the next few weeks I received Dan’s profile. Now, I’m not really one for specific type or looks but Dan made it clear that he had tattoos and I saw from his profile picture his head was shaven. I read his profile and I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was something about him. He seemed very honest and open in his profile, no hidden agenda or trying to big himself up with self-importance. I saved his profile although I must admit I’m not heavily into tattoos but it was saved and I came back to it now and again to re-read the profile and for some reason each time I didn’t attempt to delete it.

One day I had a request to complete the guided communication from Dan. Ah finally! It must have been a good couple of weeks since his profile had popped up and I had been on the site for a month.

We went through the guided communication and I really liked firstly the questions he chose to ask me but then his answers to some of the questions I asked him too. I felt like we were singing from the same hymn sheet and it was really exciting to get an email from him when we started open communication. Our emails to each other were as long as they could be and I was really excited. We’re both veggies, love Indian food, care about the planet, but not just that, we just seemed to connect and accept each other for who we were. Dan and I didn’t speak for about three weeks, the only communication we had was through eHarmony. We emailed most evenings and when we finally did speak it was nice hear Dan’s voice. We continued chatting over the phone and then finally arranged to meet.

Now although Dan came across as lovely I thought it best to meet him on his turf away from my usual haunts, just in case he turned into a crazy nutcase. So I made the decision to drive up to Leeds, book into a hotel and meet for a meal. I travel with my job so it didn’t faze me at all, although part way up the M1 I did ask myself what on earth was I doing driving all this way to meet a man!

When we met, Dan bought me a huge bunch of flowers which I gratefully accepted. We headed out to a tapas place for food. We shared the food as we would have ordered similar dishes anyway, which was nice. The evening went really quickly and from then we arranged to see each other the following weekend and each weekend from then on. The relationship was really a weekend relationship until Dan moved in with me about 10 months later. We were both willing to relocate but Dan found another job closer to where I live, so he was the one who moved. I did worry that it might take some time to adjust, in fact I think we both mentioned it but we just got on great and it seemed to work well with very little effort.

Dan proposed a year and a half after we met and we have our wedding booked for October this year. eHarmony was a great avenue to meeting other people. There is absolutely no way Dan and I would have met otherwise and we just get on so well that we have never looked back.”

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