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Long Distance

Jamie and Sandra

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Jamie: “I met Sandra in November 2009 and she was the first match on the list of matches I got when joining. I saw her profile and was instantly attracted. After sending her a message she messaged back saying she had seen my match but had been shy about messaging me. We got chatting and she was great, full of life, very caring and we shared a lot of interests.

We decided to meet up on the 8th January and throughout Christmas we rang each other and text messaged and I could tell that things were getting a little bit flirty. The 8th of January could not come soon enough and when it did the weather had taken a turn for the worst! I was worried I wouldn’t make it because of bad snow but my train rolled into Leamington Spa only thirty minutes late. I knew Sandra was waiting just outside the train station but I decided not to tell her I’d arrived and instead opted to go and find her, remembering the pictures I’d seen.

Sandra was outside of the station sat on some steps reading a Swedish novel. She was beautiful. I could not believe my luck and for a second hesitated, thinking she was out of my league. After five minutes battling whether to say hello or not, I walked over and asked, ‘Anything good it that book?’ Sandra looked up and gave me a ‘who the hell are you’ look but when the ball dropped, her face lit up and she hugged me. Her smile was radiant and although it was cold out I suddenly felt a deep warmth and I realised I could really fall in love this girl.

From there we went to get pizza in a laid back bar. I had planned to go to a posh restaurant but we decided that the pizza place was more fun. Later we met her friends at a wine bar they hung out at and spent a cosy evening listening to the jazz band. I could tell there was something electric happening between us and we eventually shared a brief kiss. At 11:30pm we left and we walked to my hotel playing like children in the snow, me pulling her along the icy pathway as she slid on her boots, laughing. The olde worlde street lights gave the evening such a romantic feel.

The rest of the weekend went so well. I met Sandra’s au pair family and we finally made it to a nice restaurant. It was awful when I had to leave to go back home. I stayed as long as I could and we did the cliché thing of holding each other on the train platform and kissing goodbye. I promised to come back to visit and did so the next weekend.

Sandra told me that she was considering leaving her au pair job and renting a place of her own and although I felt that I was perhaps rushing into things I told her, ‘Look if we’re going to make a go of this, why don’t I move down here and we can rent together?’ I was worried that I’d scare Sandra off but to my utter astonishment she thought it was a great idea. I found a job in Leamington, we found an apartment and then we moved in together. Things have been fantastic ever since.

On the 16th October I decided it was time to pop the question. After much organization I proposed live on stage at a Bowling for Soup concert – they’re one of Sandra’s favourite bands. It was an amazing night for both of us, especially because she said yes! We can’t wait to get married in September and start planning for a family.”

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