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Nearly Gave Up

Paul and Kim

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Paul: “I’d not long come out of a year-long relationship from another dating site when I just happened to be listening to the radio and lo and behold an advertisement came on regarding eHarmony. I wasn't too sure that I was ready for another relationship, but I logged onto the site and liked the concept, especially the personality matching and how it seemed different to other dating sites.

Kim was one of the first matches that appeared in my inbox and we went through the communication processes, although to be honest I still wasn't completely sure that I was ready for another serious relationship. Kim had been on the site for three months and had been on quite a few dates. We got to the stage of emailing each other, which went on for quite a while but Kim was getting frustrated with my apparent lack of urgency and when I eventually plucked up courage to ask her for a date she said that she was on the point of giving up on me!

We spoke on the phone to arrange a date and we agreed to meet at a restaurant approximately half way between our residences on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, I was called to work that morning and agreed to meet at 6.30pm after work. Again, that evening, something cropped up and I knew I was going to be half an hour late for our date. So I phoned Kim to enquire whether she had left yet, to which she replied no, however later on she revealed to me that she had already left and had to wait for me outside. Not a good start!

When I eventually met Kim for the first time I was instantly attracted to her and we got on like a house on fire. We were there for about three hours and afterwards it wasn't long before I phoned Kim to arrange another date. That was a nervous time, as you are never quite sure how the other will react, did I make a good impression? Would she want to see me again? We then went on to date at on a regular basis and I knew I had made it when Kim took me off her ‘dating phone’ and on to her normal phone! 

We had some lovely dates and as Kim was approaching a milestone birthday last July, I arranged a surprise trip to The Lake District, which turned out to be absolutely wonderful. We then went on a holiday together to Turkey in September and I proposed to Kim. She turned me down saying that it was too soon, however to ask her again in the not too distant future. So I proposed again in November and was delighted when she said yes.    

We were married March 17th this year and had a fantastic honeymoon in Mexico. Our future plans include moving out of our current flat and buying a house, as we both miss having a garden and possibly a dog. We’re both extremely happy and it just goes to show that it’s never too late to find true love with someone you’re really compatible with.”

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