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Nearly Gave Up

Hema and Nick


Hema: “I live in Bedford and work in London so I spend many hours commuting back and forth on top of working long hours, so I never make it home in time to join in any after-work activities! In my spare time I’d see my family and friends and we’d always hang around at our homes, so I wasn’t too familiar with socialising in places where I’d actually have the chance to meet new people. I did want a relationship and tried being patient by waiting for my future partner to find me (yeah, right)! I also tried speed dating and other dating sites but nothing fruitful came of these experiences.

I was 33 and thought I’d give the whole internet dating scene one last try. I had told myself when I was younger that I had until 35 to meet someone, get married and have kids. After that I was going to travel the world and lead a single life. So I decided to join eHarmony because I liked that the site required people to invest time, thought and money into selling themselves.

I filled in my profile taking time not to sound too boring, but to really show the real me. I started to meet men that were more on the same wave length as me, had similar outlooks on life and wanted to venture forward and enjoy what the world had to offer. I got to know a couple of guys through the guided communication and proceeded to go on a few dates with two different guys. They were really nice, not quite right for me, but it was great to go a date with someone intellectual and interesting and to start to get back into the groove of this whole dating game. 

So I’d had a good time on my dates but was worried that I wouldn’t find someone who was just right. I vowed to give it a third shot before closing down my account and it was that night I came across Nicholas's profile.  Nick had updated his profile with seven pictures which really stood out to me. I then read his information and he started to tick all of my boxes.  Nick and I seemed to have very similar interests and music choices so I messaged him directly and waited nervously for a response. 

We started to email every day and we were both really interested in each other. Then we exchanged numbers and held that ‘school crush’ phone call that started at 10pm at night and went on until 5am! We were like giddy teenagers laughing and joking, sharing childhood stories and ambitions for the future. There wasn’t much that we didn’t agree on and I loved the sound of Nick’s voice, so was pleased when the phone calls turned into a daily thing. We then agreed to meet up the following weekend.

We went to a beautiful old castle near Nottingham on our first date, had a picnic by the river and walked hand in hand in the sunshine. It was honestly the most amazing first date that I have ever been on. Needless to say as the saying goes, the rest is history.

We both have the same core beliefs, both hold our friends and family close to our hearts and we both lead very busy lives. We’ve shared our worlds but still find time to do our own thing. A year after we met Nick proposed and in June 2012 we were married. We’re both absolutely delighted to be expecting our first baby in September 2012.

It really does feel like a whirlwind but we couldn’t be happier.”

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