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Proposal Hiccups

Michelle and Andy


Michelle: “When you’re in your 30s, you don’t necessarily want to go out clubbing until the early hours, and I find it gets a bit harder to meet new people as you’re so settled with your friends. I couldn’t help but think “why am I single, why can’t I meet anyone right for me?” My sister was very blunt and said that I’m now allowed to moan about being single at all until I’ve actually been proactive about trying to meet someone. I guess I was just waiting for my man to turn up on my doorstep one day and it would be that easy.

With Andy, it wasn’t love at first sight, but we did have a good first date and a great second date but then the third date gave me doubts. We’d both been away on pre-planned holidays between our second and third meet up and we’d spoken on the phone every day so I guess I thought we were getting on so well that I had high expectations. On our third date, I’d had such a bad day at work and wasn’t really in a great mood. Andy seemed quite quiet and shy too and I felt a bit disappointed. Whilst we’d both been away, we’d already organised for him to come and stay with me for a weekend, which would be our fourth time meeting up. I was actually dreading it after the disappointment I felt on our third date and really wanted to cancel. The only reason I didn’t was because I thought it would be rude but I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

He was originally meant to come to my house to meet me but, as I was having doubts, I decided that we should go out for lunch at the village just next to mine. This way, I could meet him at the station instead of have to invite him into my home. I gave him very clear instructions to not get off the train at my stop but to stay on and I will hop on with him and we can go along one more stop to the next village together. My instructions were very clear. You can imagine my surprise when I jump on the train just as the doors are closing I can see Andy wandering around the platform having just got off the train! I have to say, I found this hilarious and it totally broke the ice! I went to the next village to wait for him in the pub while he waited 20 minutes for the next train. It really did break the ice and we couldn’t stop laughing about it. We ended up having the best weekend together and I think it was at this time that I fell for him. Andy made me a part of his life so easily and without hesitation. He wanted me to hang out with his friends straight away which I really appreciated. As soon as my friends met him they just told me how fit he is, so he got their approval too!

When Andy proposed, it was a complete shock! It was a Monday afternoon, I’d come home from a bad day at work, I had no makeup on and looked terrible and tired. We had last night’s lasagne for dinner, just an ordinary Monday evening. Andy asked if I wasn’t desert, so of course I said ‘yes’. He returned to the table five minutes later and put a box on the table saying “how about it then?” For about 15 seconds, I actually was speechless, until I finally said “but I thought you were going to propose in Italy”. We had a really romantic holiday booked in Italy and I suspected he might propose there. Once I got over the surprise, I realised how excited I was and became very emotional! We celebrated the proposal every day on our holiday in Italy and it was so special and romantic; I loved being on holiday with my fiancé!

We planned our wedding in three months so we could use our already booked holiday to Los Angeles and Hawaii as the honeymoon - we couldn’t afford that and a separate honeymoon! We organised the whole wedding in three months and on a budget and we had the best day. We just wanted everyone to have a really good time and didn’t want anything too formal. It was like a big festival, lots of music, drinking and dancing and everyone let their hair down and had a great time. Andy also gave a shout out to eHarmony in his groom’s speech!”

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