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Robin and Katie


Robin: “I don’t actually think I was looking for a girlfriend when I joined eHarmony but I was curious after seeing adverts on TV and about the compatibility matching. Katie sent me an ice breaker before I’d paid for my subscription and in fact she was the reason that I committed and paid for a three month membership, just so I could reply to her!

We emailed for quite a while before meeting up; we met up half way between Cardiff and Swansea for a walk as we’re both ‘outdoorsy’ people. My car had been broken into the day before our first date and I had to use a bin bag to replace where one of my windows used to be – not a great look for a first date; god knows what she must have thought when I turned up in that car!

Before we’d met, Katie had a holiday planned in Australia and New Zealand and when we met of course I invited myself along and joined her out there. I thought it would be a great opportunity to propose as well with beautiful weather and beaches. I spent weeks and weeks trying to find the perfect ring and was hassling loads of jewellery shops all the time. Eventually, I found a photo of the one I really wanted but it had to be imported in from America. I arranged for this and it came to the UK just for 24 hours for me to check it was as nice as in the picture and then send it back to get the size altered. I was really pleased and it was all on track to arrive weeks before I was due to fly out and meet Katie. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit and I was told that there was no chance the ring would be delivered in time. I had two choices, I could propose in New Zealand with a different, temporary ring or I could wait until we were back with the right ring. I really wanted to propose out there on the beach so decided to go for a temporary ring and decided I’d try my best at making one – why not! I searched on the internet and followed a blog post to make a ring out of wood, but it looked amazing in the photos so I had confidence. I bought all of the tools two nights before my flight and I made her a temporary wooden wedding ring, and I was very impressed with it!

I met Katie in New Zealand and we hired a campervan for a few days camping. I hid the ring in the campervan (and later found out that she saw me trying to find a place to hide it so knew it was coming) and proposed to her a day or so later. She still burst into tears when I asked and she hadn’t even seen the ring yet. The ring was a bit small but I thought ahead and brought sandpaper along so we made it fit and she seemed completely touched by the thought when I told her the story.”

Katie: “I joined eHarmony because I was beginning to get a bit fed up with not meeting the right person. Even when I met Robin, I was still quite reserved and didn’t want to get my hopes up – I made sure we emailed for about two months before actually meeting up and luckily he was patient even though I think he was quite keen to meet much earlier. I wanted to make sure I got to know him very well first.

Our date lasted for hours; we went for a long, lovely walk and then decided to go for dinner as we didn’t want the date to end. Getting married to Robin was the best day of my life and I really didn’t think that the perfect guy for me was out there. Our wedding was fantastic as we organised absolutely everything ourselves so everything was sentimental to us. The wine we served was the wine that we had in New Zealand on the night he proposed – this was just one of the many small touches that made the wedding so special to us. I also arrived to the wedding on rollerblades! The ceremony and the reception were so close together that I didn’t want to hire a fancy car for such a short distance and Robin and I are very sporty people so we figured ‘why not’. We arrived at the reception with Robin riding his bike and I was holding onto the back with my rollerblades on – everyone loved it!"

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