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Proposal Hiccups

Darren and Elise


Darren: “Elise was my first and only online date and it couldn’t have gone better. We met in Covent Garden for drinks and I was actually quite nervous because as I said, she was my first online date ever! We were instantly attracted to each other and had a really nice time. Our second date wasn’t long after but our third date is where we really hit it off and I realised how amazing she is. We both knew then that it was serious between us and we closed our eHarmony accounts!

We continued to see each other as often as possible and started introducing each other to our friends and family and moved in together after about five months. Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to propose to her - I had the evening all planned out. I took the day off work (it was a Friday) so I could spend the day preparing; I wanted to cook an amazing meal for us. Unfortunately, it didn’t really go to plan. Elise came home from work over an hour earlier than I was expecting her which threw me off because I had only just started to prepare the food. She obviously wanted to know what the occasion was. We were in the living room and I asked her if she could get me a drink. I had put the ring box and a card in the fridge so I was waiting for her reaction. I didn’t get one, so I went in to check that she was still alive and she was just rummaging in the fridge trying to find the juice. She didn’t even notice the card and box! I pointed it out to her and when she saw it, she screamed! I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes! I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen when I had just proposed, so we ended up putting some pizzas in the oven and saving the nice meal for the next day. Elise then spent hours on the phone to her friends and family telling them the news!

Now, my best mates and I always set each other challenges, such as the London Marathon or ‘Tough Mudder’. My best man decided to set me a wedding challenge. I have to plan the entire wedding in six months and with only £6,000. Elise has no idea and is not allowed to find out. He’s also written me a set of rules; I’m finding it a lot of fun but Elise has yet to know that her wedding has become a challenge set by my best man! It’s good though because I’m really involved which she appreciates and I’m getting bargains for everything – bonus!”

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