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Trish and Mal

Colchester, Essex

Trish: “I think we both joined eHarmony at around the same time in June 2009. Mal received lots more matches than I did but then he was more open minded in relation to distance than I was. I met one match before Mal and he was what you call a "flexible" match. We had a couple of dates, but we decided not to see each other again. That was in early July 2009. After that I didn't receive many matches at all and certainly no highly compatible ones. Mal was communicating with two or three matches via the site, but this had not led to anything. After not receiving many matches for a while I was becoming a bit despondent, so I contacted your team who advised me to widen my search area. I took the advice of the team and I vividly remember that Friday evening sitting at the computer, with my daughter telling me to "go for it" and widening the search to 300 miles or something! After doing that I did a search and found Mal who lived in Swansea, about 240 miles away! He sounded lovely and his photos attracted me too. I contacted him and that night we completed our guided communication. I was so excited!


The next day we continued communicating via email on the site and I then gave Mal my email address. He emailed me the next day and we arranged to chat on the phone that evening. All in the space of a weekend! It was quite funny as Mal had recently moved to Swansea from Newcastle, and had not been able to find his landline phone since he moved in. He was worried he would not be able to chat to me as the signal for mobiles was bad in his new house, so he went out and bought a phone in order to be able to chat to me. As agreed, I called him that night at 9pm and we chatted for a couple of hours. Mal did not appear to be phased by the distance and we clearly had a lot in common. I also loved chatting to him, because his Geordie accent is gorgeous!

We spoke every day that week, having planned to meet in London when he was there the following Thursday for a business meeting. We both felt really relaxed, as if we had known each other forever. Thursday came and I was very nervous, but very excited. I remember I had to take a change of clothes to work as I was going to London straight from work and I was mortified as I forgot my make up bag! Mal was also worried as he had no shoes with him, having packed his usual trainers for his walk to work. He actually went and bought a pair of shoes just for our date!

We had a lovely meal that night, staying in the restaurant so long they practically had to throw us out! Mal was staying at a hotel nearby that night, but called me when I got home and we chatted until five o’clock the next morning. We chatted again the next day whilst he drove back to Wales (thankfully I had the day off) and later that night after I got home from a colleague's leaving party, we arranged for him to come down the following day. It was the bank holiday weekend and he arrived on the Saturday afternoon; I was thrilled he wanted to make the journey down to me so soon. I had no qualms about introducing him to my son, and my eldest daughter arrived on the bank holiday Monday and met him too. I knew he was ‘The One’ (yes, I know it's corny). He felt the same way and was reluctant to return to Wales, but his son was preparing to leave for Canada, so obviously he had to go. He returned the following weekend and apart from going away for work, he has never left!

We knew we wanted to get married, and Mal proposed to me on my birthday, 1st February 2010. We married on 16th July 2010, and it was a truly beautiful and magical day, with our close family sharing in the ceremony and reception afterwards. We went on a Nile Cruise for our honeymoon and saw the Pyramids too. We are blissfully happy!”

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