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Hazel and Nigel


Hazel: “I wasn’t actually after a serious relationship. My previous relationships hadn’t worked out and I was looking for a nice guy to date but who I wouldn’t feel tied down to and would really interrupt my life too much. When I saw Nigel’s profile, one of the bonuses was that he actually lived quite far away from me so I wouldn’t feel obliged to see him all the time and I could still get on with my day-to-day business. This idea, however, didn’t go to plan. I ended up falling for the man and wanted to see him as much as possible! Oh dear...

Nigel would always mock me for the way I made my cups of tea. He always makes his with a teapot and I just dunk a teabag in a mug, add boiling water and there you go! Apparently this isn’t the proper way to make tea... For my birthday in January last year, Nigel gave me a present in a big box. I was excited to open it and it was filled with shredded paper. I waded through the paper and found a teapot. I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed that he bought me a teapot for my birthday. I got the joke, but come on, I don’t use teapots! I saw that there was a silver ribbon coming out of the lid of the pot, so I opened it and looked inside to find two teabags and something attached to the end of the silver ribbon. As I pulled it out, I realised what it was...a ring! My initial disappointment turned into absolute joy; I couldn’t believe it! He said, “I love you very, very much and would love you to be my wife”. Apparently I had turned red and was making hilarious facial expressions; I was overcome with joy and surprise! Of course I said yes!

I returned home to Scotland and we started making plans for our future together. I managed to get the perfect job in Harrogate and my house in Scotland sold straight away – signs that this was all meant to be!  

We had a wonderful wedding with Nigel’s daughter, Rebecca, as his ‘best man’ and my daughter, Nikki, gave me away. We’d both been married before so didn’t want to make a huge fuss over this wedding but we had a lovely and very special day with our family and friends followed by an incredible honeymoon in Jamaica doing absolutely nothing – which is very rare for us!”

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