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Spectacular First Dates

Helen and Russ

Rochdale, Lancashire

Russ: “Helen and I had both been divorced and had both been in long term relationships that had not aspired to anything other than life experience. From this we had gone our separate ways and encouraged by others decided to use eHarmony as a means of meeting/dating people, and so our destiny was set. Success wasn’t forthcoming initially, like all aspects in life you only get out of it what you put in. Eventually our profiles crossed when I viewed Helen’s, then a couple of emails later and a telephone call and our first date was set in place.


Our first date was at The Winepress, next to Hollingworth lake in Rochdale. It was an evening date so the full day was spent feeling a little apprehensive and nervous. I arrived in plenty of time and I positioned myself at the bar in view of the main entrance so that Helen could see me when she arrived. When she did arrive, I was stunned! She looked so beautiful I was lost for words, in fact I was smitten. The date went well though Helen says I was a little quiet and she was reserved about that. Even so I asked for a second date and to my amazement Helen said yes! Well I have a motorbike and Helen had never been on one before, so the following day we set off to Buxton on the bike. We arrived and held hands all day, it felt so natural. We had a coffee at the little chocolate shop which has a special place in both our hearts now.

It was such a fantastic day and since we have been inseparable. I now cannot imagine a day without Helen in my life. We were married on the 1st October. The day was beautiful and we are both still well and truly living on ‘cloud nine’. Neither of us have any intention of ever coming back down to earth.”

Helen: “I was in a relationship for ten years before I joined eHarmony. We weren’t married but lived together and it got to the stage where our relationship just didn’t feel right. I fell out of love and we broke up. I started to internet date and met with a couple of people through a number of online dating sites, but never really found anyone that I wanted to see on a long-term basis. One day my boss at work told me to join eHarmony because in his words, eHarmony is for people looking for relationships rather than just for casual dating.


When I first saw Russ’ profile I liked him a lot but saw that he had actually already looked at my profile and had decided not to send me a message. When I told my boss about it he told me that I had nothing to lose by sending the first message. So we sat down together and I sent Russ, who is a policeman, a cheeky message saying, “Do you fancy a game of cops and robbers or tiddlywinks?” When Russ replied we got on really well and after communicating over the internet, we decided to meet for our first date at an amazing lake close to where we both live. Russ was waiting for me in the bar when I arrived and although he was quite shy on the date, I was definitely interested in meeting with him again. The next day we went for a ride into the countryside. Now I’m not the kind of woman who rides on the back of motorbikes, but Russ had told me all about his love for bikes and when he asked me what I wanted to do for our date I told him that I really wanted to ride on the back of his bike. We spent the whole day together, me in a huge, unflattering bike suit, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since.


After our second date, Russ wrote me a poem in a text message! It was so romantic and the amazing thing is that ever since our second date I received two or three of these poems every week!.”

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